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what is the difference between a M135 and K135 lens?
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Basically the letter in front of the number. K stands for K-mount (as opposed to the older screwmount). M stands for Manual (as opposed to the– by then – upcoming A, automatic aperture control).

So functionwise they are exactly the same.

If you want to go deeper into the subject:


Quote from Bojidar Dimitrov's page:

"From the very beginning Pentax demonstrated that they are very serious about the new mount β€” just in 1975 they released three camera bodies, 27 prime lenses, and four zooms. All of these were members of the K series, and while some were based on M42 equipment, many were totally new. In 1976 the K-series equipment fell out of favor, and only one camera body and four lenses were introduced. The reason for this was the introduction of the smaller and lighter M-series bodies and lenses. In 1977 only two K-series zooms lenses were produced, while the M-series equipment picked up speed β€” a top-of-the-line body and 17 lenses. In general, the M-series equipment is smaller, lighter, and a bit more expensive. The M-series lenses usually achieve a bit lower resolution than their K-series equivalents, but outperform them in overall optical performance."

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