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I will be staying with my DL as it is meeting my needs at the moment. I would rather spend the money on expanding my lens collection and focusing on improving my technique and the quality of my pictures.
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Spinx wrote:
I will be staying with my DL as it is meeting my needs at the moment. I would rather spend the money on expanding my lens collection and focusing on improving my technique and the quality of my pictures.
That is the conclusion I eventually came to. I was swept along with all the hype, then sat down and thought it through properly, and £700 for the K10D plus 18-55mm lens is too much for an untried, untested camera.

I figured that I would let those with plenty of cash buy first and I may follow next year at some point. Already the K100D is at the same price I paid for the DL2.

As for improving my technique, it is embarrassing, but the photos I took at 13 with a Zenith E and 50mm lens in b/w are still superior most of the time to the photos I take now.

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I just bought my K100D a couple of months ago. At the time I gave about 10 seconds of thought to the 10, however based on the size overlay someone provided, comparing the 100 to the 10, I wanted the smaller size and weight. The difference between 10MP and 6MP I can easily live with. Right now, I am very satisified with the K100D.

The features of the 100 will keep me busy for quite some time, so I'll be fine. I am swapping the kit 18 - 55 lens for the 16 - 45, with the rebate, it will cost me $200 and I might be able to get half of that back from an ebay sale. Also, I am deciding on either the 21mm limited or the 10 - 17 wide angle. I like the wide angle architecture and landscapes. A friend is suggesting that not choose and buy them all - then just don't tell my wife.

So rather than the body, I am upgrading the lens - since I figure that when I am ready for a new body (way in the future), Pentax will have one ready that will utilize my lens.

I will say though, the more I use the 100, the more I like the viewfinder of my old Spotmatic II (36 years old). The Spot is head and tails above the K100 in the focusing - much more fine control, and the view is much cleaner - also I can see more fine detail and focus on it (using a 55mm f1.7 M42 lens). Reminds me I need to get a converter so I can do an apples to apples comparison.
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I already have the money set aside for the K10. As soon as the initial orders go out and theres some available for purchase Ill be buying. I love my DL but want Shake reduction and weather sealing so it WILL be mine, oh yes it WILL be mine lol.

I too am curious about the 10mp sensor and noise. Since its a sony sensor, I would assume its the same one thats in the Sony dslr. And there are complaints about the noise from that cam. I'm curious as to why Pentax bought the sensor from Sony? Aren't they partnered with Samsung? Will the Samsung version of the K10 have the same sony sensor?
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I am not upgrading - I am just adding a new camera body to the Pentax family! You gotta keep Mother healthy and stay away from the dark side. :-)
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Old Nov 19, 2006, 9:07 PM   #16
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I will wait till after the first of the year to decide...I like moving up to 10 mp's instead of 6. I've nearly worn out my Kodak DX6490 and need more versatility! Size does not matter. The old K1000 with a 500mm lens and a 3X multiplier didn't bother me I don't see a K10D being a size problem. LOL

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Hi lgbsaab,

I've preordered a K10D from my local dealer. I'm hoping that he ordered soon enough so that it shipped with the first wave, and will be giving me a call early next week. I'm not usually an "early bird" when a new camera is announced, so this will be my first . . .

I"ve had my DS since 3/05, and am still very happy with it, and would be happy with a K100D also, but the K10D's feature set made it more appealing. BTW, the DS is staying until it is irrevocably dead.

Other than the reaons why I originally chose Pentax for my first DSLR --

SR -- Easily the most important reason for me. I personally don't care if it's the most effective system around -- any help here is appreciated, and it'll work with all my present lenses.

10.2 MP -- Given good IQ, cropability is a major factor for me as I've just about topped out on long glass that I can really use handheld or lightly supported. I crop all of my images -- some just enough to make them suitable for printing, some quite a bit because I didn't have enough FL available. If all goes well, I should be able to easily crop as much as 50% of frame without seeing significant loss of detail from what I'm getting from my DS (fingers crossed). If I can crop more without significant detail loss, it'll be like getting thousands of $$ worth of long glass for $900 for this feature alone.

Hyper Program and ISO priority -- don't have them yet, and will play with them in the field to see how much I use them, but at least they're available, and I'm anticipating using them extensively.

2 thumbwheels -- Using the AEL button isn't really that much of a pain, but having the 2 wheels will be great (if I don't get too confused :?)

External control for metering mode -- high on the list for a birder. Should blow fewer shots moving from one extreme to another in lighting. External RAW selection might be useful also, but I'm primarily a Jpeg shooter now, but that might change, at leas for the more challenging exposures.

Better AF speed -- not essential for me, but if it's really fast -- might increase my keeper rate for birds in flight and those little critters that never stand still. I primarily manually focus, even with AF lenses, but if the AF works well, then I'll just have to change that.

Unlimited burst and high speed internal memory -- I use burst a lot, and though there's not that much difference between the K's here, no slowdown might prove to be helpful.

Features that didn't make much difference in the choice:

Weather sealing -- but who knows what I'll be saying a year from now.

Dust shaker -- even if it works well -- dust has never been a real problem for the DS in my experience. If it does work well -- then it'll just be something that I don't have to worry about at all -- a plus, but one that won't get much mention from me. If it doesn't work at all, no loss, but the "non-stick" coating should make a difference by itself.

Vertical Grip -- don't miss it on the DS -- won't miss not getting one even though it's available. I might change this if I find myself shooting more people. . .

Dedicated battery -- used them before in a number of digicams -- don't have a problem, especially if they improve performance -- a reasonable tradeoff for me. I have so many different batteries and chargers already -- this is just one more.

All in all -- a step up in useability. If it gets me more keepers, it'll be worth it, and I have no doubt that it will. . .

. . . and it's the ultimate LBA trip for a guy with a lot of Pentax glass as I'll be trying out and evaluating all my lenses on the new body just as if they were brand new acquisitions. . .:-)


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Yes, I will be adding the K10D to my bag in a couple of days and even if the image quality isn't better than my DS at high ISO, it still has features I need for the photo work I do and the extra pixels will work for me at low ISO.

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I'd planned on waiting a while, but got a pre-ordered deal from a Canadian supplier at $999C and free shipping. They said they'd ordered 20 units, and I'm # 8 on the list. I'll save $180+ ordering it from them. Hopefully will have it in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to having more pixels for cropping, and better performance for shooting those little birdies. My FA*300 is waiting patiently.........Don.
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I will upgrade from an ist DL as soon as I can get some of my own image samples. Image quality has to be on par with the DL and I'll be happy. I am interested in the button based controls instead of menu driven. Faster AF speed overall is a must, but especially in low light. Hyper-program is also of great interest. If it doesn't come through, I will purchase a Nikon D80. I have tested many samples of this camera and it is great. I do have a moderate lens investment in the pentax mount and that is why I am waiting otherwise I would have made the switch.
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