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and if so, what is the main reason? thanks.
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to despite Ricehigh

Just kidding, really its to replace my 2 year old DS. I just bought a new laptop so the camera will have to wait till after my holiday now.

It makes no sense that if you have K lenses to go and buy another lens mount and have to purchase new lenses
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Old Nov 19, 2006, 11:01 AM   #3
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Let Me put it This way. I plan on Upgrading to the K10d Maybe late Spring or Early Summer. I first would like To see if it lives up To all the hype.
The main reason Is the SR & Sensor clean. Not real happy about the battery, But that wont Stop Me.
Of late i have actually Considered getting a K100D body($476 at BH) as a stop Gap. Due to Age and my health, Its getting Tougher to hold My 70-300 steady.

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I'll also wait for user reviews, and for my wife to forget how recently I actually spent quite a largeportion of the holiday savingson the DS. But I want the higher resolution (for cropping) and the SR. The weather sealing might be a++, my DS has already caught quite a lot of dust in the viewfinder.

Maybe it'll be a K10D2 or even a K1D (just dreamin').

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Old Nov 19, 2006, 11:37 AM   #5
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I definitely... Why? Simple, my Aug 1st purchased K100D was a "mid-step"- and I am very happy with it- but need weather sealing as #1 and my years convinience with Pentax film and compact ones- no hesitation at all so I preordered mine Sep 20th :-) If not satisfactory I will keep my trusty K100D!

Best, JR

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Old Nov 19, 2006, 11:46 AM   #6
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I'm almost possitive I'll be upgrading to the K10D.

It will be replacing an Olympus E-10 I bought when they first came out... 6 years ago... that now has more than 6000 shots on it and is starting to show it's age.

After experimenting with a friend of mine's recently aquired *istDL last weekend, using some of my K-mount lenses from they days I only shot film, I'm definatly getting a Pentax to replace the E-10. (There wasn't a K-mount alternative when I bought the E-10, or I would have bought it then).

I'm leaning towards the K10D because I'm having trouble justifing the jump from a 4MP Camera to a 6.1MP one, but I have no problem going up to 10MP. The only thing that has me a bit leary of the K10D is the move away from AA batteries, but I think I can live with the more expensive custom batteries.

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Old Nov 19, 2006, 12:06 PM   #7
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Hi All,

Me I am changing System. I wanted a Pentax in the first place. The only thing was it did not fit into my budget at the time. The Canon is going Bye-Bye... It was good, But not as good as my SLR.

I am not going for the K10D. I am going for the istD. To me the K10D is just a weatherproofed istD. No I will have the one that I really wanted in the first place...

The only bad thing is having to sell all of the Canon stuff and redo my lenses... First one is on order.

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I am still suspicuous about it s noise level given that the sensor size is the same but with 4M more of pixel count over that of K100D. Physically that is a huge challenge. Let us see.

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I'll likely get a 10D to replace my DS but it won't exactly be an upgrade. My beloved DS was stolen last month when my house was burglarized. Although from a purely monetary standpoint the DS was a small fraction of what was taken, I miss it the most!
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