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Thanks all for the encouraging feedback. Here are some answers to the questions you have posed.

1) gfurm - Yes some of the pics are cropped. I updated the "exif" info above each pic to indicate which were cropped/uncropped. My photoshop version must be old because it is stripping the exif data out of the pics that I post, so I have included as much info about the settings above each pic. Yes I used autofocus for the pics of the birds in flight. Manually focusing on a moving object is beyond my photography skills at this point. I set my camera to AF.S (autofocus single mode). The lens does a pretty quick job of finding the focus considering it does not have an ultrasonic motor. I tried using AF.C (autofocus continuous mode), however the lens would continually adjust focus and would not let me fire off a shot unless the subject was in perfect focus. I found that setting annoying. I also set my camera's autofocus point to center position only. That way the lens will not have to guess where I am trying to focus on, which in turn decreases the time it takes for the camera/lens to obtain focus on my intended target.

2) danielchtong - I have updated my "exif" data above the pics to include the focal lengths. For these shots I mostly stayed between 200-300mm.

3) digitaladdict - As you can see from the focal lengths that I posted of each pic, I pretty much stayed between 200-300mm. Most of them were shot at 300mm. I felt that it was a comfortable working distance between me and my subject. I didn't have to get too close where I would disturb and spook them. Here are the max apeture settings throughout the zoom range.
70mm f4
100mm f4
135mm f4
200mm f4.5
300mm f5.6
I found that this lens was sharpest at f8.
Here's a link to a quick review on the lens that I found useful.

4) maw harley - The focal length for the mallard pic was 300mm.

Here's a pic of the lens on my k100d body.

Here's what it looks like fully extended to 300mm and with the hood attached.

Despite how long the lens is fully extended, I still found it quite light and easy enough to shoot handheld without a tripod. Very versatile for outdoor photography in general.

Thanks again all. I'm glad you guys enjoyed them.
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Thanks much, royce10.

That lens is quite pretty. With the red line it looks like my friend's L series:-)
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Hello Royce, Fabulous photos and they sold me on my new purchase of the k100d and Sigma 70-300 apo lens. Quick question and anyone can jump in and answer. Is the actual 35mm equivalentfocal length 105mm -450mm or am I confused by this being a dedicated digital camera lens? Thanks you for clearing this up. Oh, and a Macro setting too!!! What more could I ask.
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bajasurf wrote:
Is the actual 35mm equivalentfocal length 105mm -450mm
Yes, it is. The focal lenght of the lens is always what is written on the lens, but the crop factor gives you the "35 mm equivalent focal length".

The "focal length" comparisononly has any value when you want to comparea photo taken with alens mounted on a DSLR with anotherphoto taken with a lens mounted on an analog SLR(or a full frame DSLR, but then it doesn't belong in the Pentax forum).

A lot of people upgrading to a DSLR never owned a film camera. And few will get one now. I'd say it's time to get used to the new technology, and stop talking about 300 mm as "actually being 450 mm". Unless you make a rubber band ruler...

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Thanks Bily, Now I understand. Just the opposite tothe 300mm lens on my Pentax 6x7. Where I calculate the 300mm is more of a 150mmon a 35mm camera.
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I really wish you wouldn't postphotos like these. It makes it very hard to fight LBA. Those are some great photos.

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