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At The Online Photographer there is a commentaryon David Pogue's article by Mike Johnston, http://theonlinephotographer.blogspo...people-up.html. Mike points out that there are many other variables to large print quality all of which impact on the final image. Pogue's test shows that megapixels alone do not have as great an effect as camera makers would like us to believe, but the fact that it involved the same file resized to smaller images sizes means it is not representative of any real world example.

From my experience I must say the little Fuji Finepix 2800Z, whichmy wife takes on business trips with her, takes excellent images that print to very nice 8X10. This is a 2MP camera but produces excellent results in good light.

A grain of salt may be in order here.

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That is a great picture Daniel, I am not surprised that it remains one of your favorites. In almost any avocation that requires skill, the craftsman is a far more important factor than the tool. On the flip side, it is the skilled craftsman who will benefit the most from a superior quality tool.

Both the NY Times blog and the counterpoint article were interesting reads, as were the comments made here. I need a second Dslr body but the jury is still out on whether or not it will be a K10 or just another K100. Considering I have only had a handful of pictures printed at 8x10 (and a couple of those were from the Kodak P&S) the extra megapixels will not mean much to me and since we took 439 shots today without the battery indicator moving off full, the battery grip is not a selling point either. Discussions like this are great stuff for those of us sitting on the fence.

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IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS: it really does not matter (in my opinion) whether the image is 6mp or 10mp unless you are going bigger than 8" X 10", or if you crop a lot.

The K100 and the K10 are both great cameras. We each have to make our own choices. Just enjoy your photos!

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