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Since I haven't posted in awhile, I thought I'd share 6 of the pictures I took on our trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving. Those that saw the Monday Night football game know what the weatherwas like. We had to chain up to get over the pass. Most of the pictures were taken under overcast conditions. Sunday a major snowstorm hit Seattle andalsoMonday night.

The first picture is just to show you what is the heart and soul of Seattle. This was right across the street from my daughters apartment and it always had 3 or 4 cars going through. It gets more traffic then McDonalds. Taken with the kit lens.

This is at a waterfall in front of the REI downtown store taken with the kit lens. A very neat place and they have it landscaped with trails just like the forest. I bought a really neat combo monopod/walking stick made by Bunton there. I also visited Glasers Camera, but they had no K10D's yet. I did try a K100D with the DA21 pancake - wow. I didn't have the heart to tell them the K10D'swere already being shippedelsewhere inSeattle.

I took a trip to Seattle Center and captured the fountain going off there. I used my M50 at f22 andleaned against a lamp post for this.

The main reason I went to Seattle Center was to visit the science center and the live butterfly museum. I used the M50-f1.7 for that. A nice lens.

Of course I had to take a pic of the space needle, but I was to close to it with the M50.

This last shot is some playing around I did with my M28 from the apartment balcony. These were taken up high and I think the building moved a little, so they were not as sharp as I would have like them. They were done on a tripod. This is a crop from the original.

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Nice shots. I love the last one.

Those M lenses are really neat if you know what you are doing.

I was just reading about the mess in Washington state: good you got back safe with the shots:-)
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Great shots. I really like the butterfly and the nighttime shots.
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Hi Bruce

Great Shots.
I had the same experiance in Seattle Back 10 years ago when i visited,
Overcast and rainy. Having said that we had a great Time. Took the underground City Tour, Boeing factory Tour where they were building 747's and the Space Needle. Took a Brewery Tour, except i cannot recall the name of the Beer.


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Love the pictures - I think the Starbucks picture is cute with the story-line (like my Vegas Christmas decorations, something that catches the eye and the camera records).

A friend of mine lives in Yakima and drove over the pass somewhere around Thanksgiving. She talked about slipping and sliding (didn't chain up)and was totally white-knuckled by the time they got home. Glad you made it back OK.
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I like Pict #2, 4, 5 & 6.

I am not aware the M50mm could be that good with macro. The M50 & 28 have the special prime aurora of Pentax.

Was it M28mm3.5? After I have got my FA28mm2.8 I sold that and I regret it ever since.

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Daniel - The lens I have now is an M28-f2.8. I had an M42 one that was f3.5 and it was a super lens, but I sold it and got the M28. I do like it. The butterfly is slightly cropped, but that is about as close as you can go with the M50-f1.7. I have an M50 macro that will do a lot better, but it is an f4. I like the M28 as a nice prime and fairly normally lens for the DL. The M50 is a little to much telephoto, such as the space needle shot. but it's so sharp and as with the butterfly, you can blur the background outpretty nicely as will the f1.4 also.

Harriet - The trip home took 6 hours, including 1.25 hours stopped as they closed the pass to clear vehicles that had spun out. Thats the point I decided to put the chains on. You would have liked it, lots of snow - Bruce
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