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Scott Cole , nov 05, 2006; 04:07 p.m. So far I've shot almost 1250 shots on the same 2500ah rechargeable Nimh batteries. While out shooting yesterday, I found that if battery level dropped, I just had to turn off the camera for a minute and the batteries rebounded. How many more can I get? I don't know--these batteries just won't quit.

Joseph Allen , nov 18, 2006; 05:54 p.m. What I've read is that the NiMH rechargeables need a "break in" period -- you nee dto charge and discharge them a few times and the capacity will actually increase as they "mature". I noticed this when I got my K100D. A set of batteries didn't last long at first, but as they settled in, they now last a long time.
Quotes from - http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00Ih1T

I found this when googling 'k100d battery' as I found that my battery level on my day old K100D would drop to half or nil, but when I turn it off and on again it's back to full or half .
Anyone else having this issue ?


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look here about changing colors

as far as the mystery about the batteries----?????
if you find out---don't tell---- it's worth a fortune

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Rechargeable batteries do not attain their full storage potential (no pun intended) until after several charges;just use them and rechargein theappropriate charger.

I would advise against discharging them other than using them in the camera (or whatever) as it is possible to reverse the polarity if they are completely drained using an external resistor or even a lamp.
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