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When I shoot indoors without flash with my K100D the shots are very orange in colour, if I use flash they very white and washed out.
I seached google and found this - http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetc...0IrPM&tag=

Are they any others hints you could give me ?

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Definitely use a white piece of paper or a grey card and set the white balance manually to suit your lighting. I found the tungsten setting on the K100D to be off most of the time, but using the manual setting is so easy, it doesn't bother me. You can use anything white (I've used a white car, a white sign in a shopping mall and the white plastic of a child's high chair once).

There are a couple of reasons why a flash picture looks washed out. I've never mastered flash photography and there's a whole thread here on this board about flashes that will give you better information. A common reason is that you are too close to the subject. You might try changing the flash setting to a lower setting, so that it isn't as bright. Best thing to do is to buy a separate flash and not use the on-board one at all. I avoid most situations where I need a flash because I don't know what I'm doing, and so often pictures I take are terrible. Maybe one of these days I'll work at it and figure it all out.
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Hi Rodney,

Harriet gave you some accurate information and advise. Most DSLRs aren't good at tungsten WB. On page 118 of the K100 manual there's a table that shows that AWB is set to balance light temps between 4000K and 8000K. Tungsten bulbs average around 2700K or 2800K, and then vary depending on age, voltage supply, and any number of other variables. That's why mgfs generally offer a separate Tugsten WB setting, and don't really include it in AWB. DSLRs also can't use the entire imaging sensor to meter the scene, so they can't adjust color balance as well as some P&S camera models.

The way to get better white balance indoors is to set WB to Tungsten and see how that works. If you don't like the preset, then use manually set WB. You can vary the color by using colored references like light cyan for a more reddish tone, and light blue for a warmer (more yellow) tone. Paint color sample sheets can work for this. You have to be aware of complimentary colors to use colors for manual WB settings. I usually use anything that I know should be white. A man's dress shirt, the ice in a hockey rink, you get the idea.

I would also suggest that you look for the flash thread. You also have flash compensation. If you're consistently overexposing shots with the internal flash, you can turn down the exposure with flash by 2 stops by setting it in the menu.

Try some of this out, then if there's still a problem, post some pictures -- they'd be a great help to try to figure out where things are going wrong.

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