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I have been asked to do some outdoor bridal portraits for a friend of the family. They can't afford professional portraits and asked if I would take the pictures for them outside of our statehouse. I told them I would be honored. Anyone have any suggestions? I will be shooting with the istDL, most likely with the kit lens. My only other choice would be a 50mm f/1.9 prime, MF lens. Not too great with the MF yet so I think the kit lens would be a better choice. Any suggestions?
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Monza76 Is the best man to really answer your questions.
However i was asked to Shoot my Brother In Laws Wedding, Along Side a Pro photographer. I Used the kit lense for the outdoor Shoots and the FA 50 1.4 for the reception. While i am far from a pro, my Bother in Law and his Wife liked SOME of my shot better than the pro shots.
I would have liked to have had a Nice Zoom around 2.8 for the indoor Shots but all in all the kit lense and the FA50 1.4 did a great job

Just my 2cents

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I did a couple of weddings for friends this year and used a 28-70 2.8 lens, which I found to work just fine for almost all the shots.

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I think the kit lens would be a good choice, just try to avoid using it at the extreme wide end, distortion and vignetting can be problems. Find a shaded spot since direct sunlight will cause contrast issues (unless it is an overcast day which is perfect as long as you keep the sky out of the shots). You can see a couple of examples of mine here http://aicphotography.tripod.com/weddings.htm . I am just an amateur who shoots an average of two weddings per year but I do find that the kit lens (and the 28-80mm range with 35mm film) are probably the most useful.

The DL is a very capable camera which should give good results, it is what I use. If you must shoot in mixed lighting it may be advisable to shoot RAW since white balance can be a real challenge.

Good luck (weddings can be a nightmare)

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Monza76 wrote:
Good luck (weddings can be a nightmare)

You think they are bad for the photographer? Pity the poor groom!!! :lol:

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