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I like how he compares Pentax to Olympus, which is an opinion I share.

While the market leaders are tryign very hard to compete with the features of the other, they inevitably result in "copying" ideas from other manufacturers.

Much like microsoft has based much of the design in Vista on the increasingly popular mac design.

Basicly what you get is a line of cameras from each manufacturer, that are very comparable. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, as you get a very wide choice in ergonomics etc. with the same functions.

What you do get this way is that noone comes up with anything new anymore. They're too busy watching the moves of the competitor to actually research new options for cameras.

This is where I like Pentax and Olympus. Of course they will also want to meet the current standards, but what I see, is that they are less fanatic about it. Their cameras are distinctively different than Canon or Nikons, and they don't mind!

For example the 4:3 system of Olympus. Some people might like it, some people might not, but at leats it's there! Olympus actually came up with something "unique"

The same goes for Pentax. They did not spend ages on the K10D to make sure it could do everything the D80 or 30D could do. Instead they looked for new ways to make the camera appealing, and I think you can say they were succesful

Right now the K10D does not fall into any category of DSLR's. It has some features from pro cameras (such as the wheather sealing) and some features from consumer cameras (the SR,...)

One thing I don't agree with is that the author claims that the previous Pentax DSLRs weren't worth much. On the contrary, I love my DL and for a large part because it's not a "cliché"...

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Thanks Ira for posting the link. I think it's a good thing for every Pentax owner if the company is successfull. It means more lenses and lenses for the future, for those of us who already have some. And it means that when our loved camera eventually dies, there is a new onein the market.

Maybe I only dream of the good old days, but I'm bothered though about the short lifespan of a new camera model (or any product, by the way). I'd like to see a new classic, like the LX that was produced for 20 years with only one minor changealong the way. When I bought my DS in November 2005 it was already replaced by the DL, and a few months later that one was replaced by the K100D. When my DS needs a repair in a year or two the answer will be "no replacement parts available", I'm afraid.

And Pentax really need to get new staff in their marketing department. The K10D wins a lot of well earned appreciation in forums, but I never see it on the shelves or in the ad leaflets that my letterbox (digital and physical) are full of. Sony is pushed as "the innovative great new camera", Olympus is there with a large picture, of course a zillion of N&C models, but if I ever see a Pentax it's the odd Optio on page 126. How can Pentax expect people to buy a camera they don't know exist?

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Great article. I also share Bper's concern about lens availablity. Since Pentax seems to be increasing it's market share of dslr users, are they also upping the production capacity fortheir line oflenses? There's alot more demand now and it seems like the retailers are having a tough time keeping them in stock. Just take the case of the 50mm 1.4. Classic lens but there was a wide spread shortage and waiting list. I'm all for more Pentax users, but Pentax needs to anticipate and adjust their production rates.
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On Pentax's side, I understand they opened a second lens production plant in Vietnam this last October to help meet increased demand. I am sure the Samsung deal has something to do with this - Bruce
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