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I've noticed that I lose my exif data when I run my image through Neat Image (the free downloadable version). However there is a way to bypass this. I have to thank Swgod98 for the tip.

1) Run image through Neat Image and save under a separate file.

2) Open the orignal and neat imagedfilesin photoshop.

3) With the neat image pic - select all and copy.

4) Then go back to the original image - select all, paste, and flatten.

5) Then save this original image and the Exif data will still be intact.
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I just installed NeatImage on my computer and it asked if I wanted to automatically install the NeatImage PhotoShop plug-in... what's the difference in using the PlugIn and using the stand alone program?
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It doesn't make a difference to the picture, only to the workflow. It's really nice to do your noise reduction within Photoshop, instead of having to go to a separate program and either over-write the original (a definite no-no) or save the noise-reduced picture as a separate file, then open that up in photoshop to continue working on it (resize, crop etc.). Just saves steps, and I've thought it might provide slightly better quality because you aren't saving the jpgfile several times (and compressing it each time). I have no idea if you would ever see a difference or not - I just prefer the workflow with the plug-in, since I use CS2.
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Does Neat Image work the same way with Elements?? I was thinking of checking out 5.0
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Pity it is only available for Windows
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