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This is the best I have done, with a 100-300mm f4.7-5.8 FA lens, 300mm, f9, 1/640 sec at ISO200. I had trouble following the target as well but I got lucky on this one.

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practise makes perfect

the one you did get is all right

i have tried birds in flight too
with even less success

hopefully you have learned something from the shoot
and next time you will get more keepers
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Old Dec 14, 2006, 9:27 PM   #13
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Roy your seagull looks pretty sharp! That second shot would have been a beauty! Jim
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thehotel wrote:
I found for BIF shots my QuikAim Max RDS lets me get about 10 times more keepers.

FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7

A couple of examples that I got that I never would of gotten with out my Quick Aim.

roger, problem here is these seem way over sharpened. you have halos everywhere on the leading edges..

as far as seagulls go, i can get inflight seagulls any time i want using the kit lens. the gulls here are so tame they will get within 15' of you without a bit of fear.. i can shot egrets, cormorants, pelicans, and gulls all day long , if i want too.
inflight are very difficult tho.
also your pix are shot with a pannie and not with a pentax..

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ennacac wrote:
Hey Roy, that is what the gun sights are for on the top of the lens. That is one big boat to swing around for flying birds.

The gul looks nice.

yeah,,,,,, the gun sights??? you're definately right!!!
guess i'll forget the VF next time...........LOL:-)

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I don't know about your 500 Roy, but mine won't even focus at 15', 30' is about the best it will do. There seems to be a lot of twist in the focus ring on mine, which is why I have problems focusing on fast moving objects.

Most of my flying birds I shoot with my 300 are with MF, but the focus ring has a very short field of travel, so it is much easier than the 500 is.

You did great on the first one usind that huge lens!

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I never had lots of keepers when panning with my Oly C770... I really hope my brand new DL2 will do A LOT better

But regarding your pics, I hope you don't mind that I tried a little retouching just for a test, results of 2 minutes fiddling with your small piccies:



To my mind #1 is really great, there is much more detail in now at the bird. Used some rather conservative motion blur deconvolution with a tad more horzontal than vertical panning amount.

#2 is a hard one, although you can see the difference it doesn't make a "sharp" pic. Maybe with the full resolution original data you can do more...

Anyway - good luck - it needs LOT's of practising to get SOME good shots... oh well. That's the beauty of digital photography - fire 100 shots and keep the 5 lucky ones sometimes it is that bad, but: with analog you might have wasted 3 films and still no keepers

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