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because you have only kit lens, which is quite slow even on wide end, you can't really tell how much FF you have because of relativly deep DOF. If you could get your hands on fast AF prime lens (like FA 50mm 1.4) then you'd see clearly if you have a problem.
I'm not doing this test because I have only one AF lens, and I don't use AF confirm beep with my manual lenses, so for most of the time it's irrelevant for me. kit lens wide open is soft anyway, so I didn't see any problems with everyday use. using smaller aperture correts slight FF/BF problem because of deeper DOF.

and different lenses may give you different results.

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Update - I got answer from Pentax, here is a quick summary.

- they think after studying some test shots it's a normal behavior
- FF in wide open mode is how they want the camera to do it because if you close the lens more the "sharp DOF area" will move towards the background. However it can be adjusted - they leave it up to me to send the camera in and let them adjust it.
- AF in spot uses the WHOLE center circle (and as I guess it a tad more) and selects a focus point in that area (granted - it's small, but it's not a spot - it's a small AREA). So again - this is more like an area AF, but in a very small area - which leads to the confusion I had. The point with most contrast INSIDE the circle will win.

At least this tells me the camera is working as intended - so it's prolly me that needs adjusting

Have a nice day!
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