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snostorm wrote:
Daniel -- They were handheld (as is my usual MO). I'm finding that the K10D's SR is helping here, though I was getting pretty good hit rates with the DS. Even with SR, it's still not easy, but I'm getting a higher percentage of shots not heavily effected by camera shake, and I've gotten some good ones with shutter speeds that weren't possible with the DS. For some reason, the FA*300, with or without the 1.7x AFA is the right weight and length for me to handhold. I don't do nearly as well with my Tokina 80-200/2.8 AF or the 80-400 AF which are heavier, or the A 70-210/4 with the TC which is lighter.

BTW, I was shocked to see the GBH shots you posted -- they are long gone here, and I'm significantly south of you. The downy WPs were great too -- I've been looking, but haven't seen any -- and I know they are around somewhere.

I'd really try for the 1.7x AFA if I were you -- it'd be great with your A*300/4.

I was really close to these guys, @ 9-12 feet is my guess. There's a row of bushes where these guys like to hang out in the winter, and I encourage them by throwing bird feed out every day. There must be @ 30 of them that are regulars, so I have 1 place I can almost always count on to have some birds to shoot for testing purposes (it does get boring shooting sparrows all the time, but an occasional Junco or Cardinal finds it's way to the area, so there's some occasional diversity.



It is pretty scary about the climate change. I am looking at another day of 8 degree C or 40 F tomorrow. Seems to be a 50 yrs record. All the snow resort in Ontario are still green or should I say yellow.

Tommorow I am to go to some conservation area to try my luck.

BTW congrat on your new K10D - something that is in my roadmap. Just when

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very nice scott.
did you write the focal length into the exif? shouldn't it say 510mm??

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Hi Roy,

The focal length in the exif comes from setting the FL manually for the SR (it only allows for 50mm steps). I could change it, but I don't consider it a priority since I file my images by date, camera, and lens used -- something to think about though. . .

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That's one nice thing about the K10 - it saves the info you give it formanual lensesand will report that in the exif info for focal length. Only problem is if you forget to change the focal length settings when you change lenses (One picture I took with the 50mm lens got reported as 300 because I forgot to check and change the settings when going from the A300 to an M50!).
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