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DirkG wrote:
But I'm totally blank when it comes to Pentax. Is there some sort of guide about how to use all these old lenses (especially K, M and A lenses)?

Any help would be appreciated very much.

Greetings from Holland,


Here's one site that's very useful:


There are others out there. Just give a search on Google. There's one more excellent site, but I don't have the link here.

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thkn777 wrote:
There are some comparison shots in this thread: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=80

Maybe these are the one you were looking for?
That be them :-). Thanks.
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Hi Nate,

I use a Sigma 28-200mm or my Pentax 28-70mm f4. It depends on what I feel like shooting that day.

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i would just like to say the kit i bought came with tamron 28-200 mm and it takes wonderful pictures.. however.. i also bought the 50mm 1.7... and wow.. after using that to take some picture-- it totally blows my mind! 1.7 is amazing but the tamron is not bad.
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Thank you mtngal. I got the M 1.7. Now waiting for tomorrow till the K10D arrives. I have one small question: There is a small webshop here in the Netherlands that sometimes sells used Pentax lenses. These lenses are listed as K, M and A lenses. I knowthe difference between A and K or M. But whatisexactly the difference between K and M lenses?

I also like to complement you on all the photo's you post here. They are very nice and I like them a lot.


mtngal wrote:
I've heard the 50mm f2 isn't as sharp as the 1.7 versions of the lens - don't know if that applies to the A version also. The answer does partly depend on whether you want the auto exposure capability of the A lens. I'm very happy with my M 1.7 and prefer it over the M 1.4 (which I still haven't done anything about yet. One of these days I'll get my act together about selling it - sigh!). It is as sharp as anything, I don't mind manual lenses and so have no desire to spend more money to get AF and AE. If it were me, I'd get the M 1.7.

You don't have to do anything about the contacts with K mount lenses, just put them on the camera like any of the modern lenses.
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NLAlston wrote:
thkn777 wrote:
There are some comparison shots in this thread: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=80

Maybe these are the one you were looking for?
That be them :-). Thanks.
Thanks guys, judging by those shots it looks to me like

Pentax > Tamron > Sigma

Although I do like the versitility of the 18-200 range instead of having to carry 2 lenses and switching between the 2, I figure there is less chance of dust getting onto the sensor.
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Once I figured out that you should turn your back to the wind before changing lenses, and have the next lens all ready and next to the camera before I remove the first one, I haven't had much problems with dust. Those that I have had were easily taken care of by a hand air blower. Everyone's idea of what is acceptable is different, and conditions will dictate quite a bit, but I've not been willing to compromise too much on image quality. After re-joining the SLR world (more or less) kicking and screaming, I found that changing lenses isn't as big of a deal as I remembered, and I've really had fun with my different lenses.
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I have the Tamron 18-200 and it is sharp when using it on my *ist DL. At 50mm, there is no notable difference compared to my F 50mm 1.7 @ F8. I spent a Sunday afternoon with it in AV mode, F8 and all the photos looked great. I shot full range 18 through 200. No complaints. I realize this is the sweet spot for the lens and that is why I kept it there. In other tests it matched or surpassed the sharpness of the 18-55mm, the only downside was less saturation.

I have decided to use it as my main lens and get a 28mm or 30mm 1.8 for low light and close portraits. The 18-200mm is very light and compact and compares well to the kit lens. Eventually a 300mm of some sort and a macro will be purchased. I will probably sell the 50mm as it can not be used indoors too easily.
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NLAlston wrote:
Thanks Greg ~

It means so much to be able to gain such valuable help & info from you, and others here. One of my main goals with the camera is to make large prints of photos, for framing & sales - so picture quality is very important to me. If carrying around more than one lens is to be necessary, then I'd really have NO problem doing so - to best achieve my aim.

Lately, there has been much talk (from local concerns) about my erasing the K10D from my camera list, and that I should (instead) consider the Canon 5D, the Olympus 30D, and the Nikon D200. All of those would be within my financial range, but the purchase of the K10D would leave more monies for a couple of nice lenses, as well as some extra gear - not to mention the WS/IS and other features of this DSLR. I had perused some info on the other mentioned cameras, and learned that there are some shortcomings with all of them. Unlike before my researchings, I now know that there is no such thing as the one perfect camera - which explains (at least in my way of thinking) why you see photographers with more than one camera. Well, I can't afford more than one, unless I wanted to be without lenses - or anything else :-).

With the $3000 I am just trying to make the most/best of it, with my photographic concerns. This may sound strange to all, but one thing - that is a must - is that the camera be of large (or larger than average) body. I have big hands, and would need something that will sit comfortably within them (as mentioned before, heftiness would not be a negative thing. In fact, I'd welcome it).

So, any and all info would (as always) be appreciated.



You are right, every camera is a compromise and you pick which features/attributes are most important to you. Not to steer you away from Pentax, but one factor to consider is that some of the third party lens makers do not market all of their professional grade lenses in a Pentax mount. The advantage of being able to use ALL of the older lenses made for Pentax film cameras does compensate for this and, hopefully this will be changing as the rising price of older high grade Pentax lenses seems to indicate the market is there and growing.

Kjell commented on a lesson I am finally learning, the investment is in the lenses, not the camera. In the six months I have been playing at being a photographer I have amassed a large number of fairly inexpensive lenses and I have learned that
a) I NEVER reach for the second best lens in any focal length and
b) I would have been better off with fewer, better, lenses.

There are some real diamonds available fairly inexpensively, though. I would recommend that you look for a Pentax A or F 50mm 1.7 and a Kiron 105mm f2.8 macro (if you have any interest in macro photography).

Good luck and Merry Christmas,
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Wow! This thread has turned into a really good resource for lens info.
Great questions and answers.
Thank you everyone!

For what it's worth, I've been using this link for reference about the differnet lens mounts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentax
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