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I have Pentax ist DL and some old manual lenses for Pentax mount which do not have A on the aperture ring but aperture numbers. I found that the camera only uses the maximal aperture no matter which other aperture I have chosen with the aperture ring. Should it be so? If not, how can I use the other apertures beside the maximal aperture?

Your answer is greatly appreciated!


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Put the camera in Manual mode. Set the aperture you want on the lens then hit the AE-L button on the DL. It will stop down and take a reading and set the shutter speed automatically. Then fire the shutter. This should get you correct exposure.

I believe that you also need to go into the Custom menu and tell it to allow you to fire the shutter when the Aperture is not set to A, but I'm guessing you already did that since you're getting pictures.

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Thank you!
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Also, try using the DOF-preview button (on your on-off switch) and see if the viewfinder turn instantly darker.

If you're not sure, take the lens off and stop it down to the smallest aperture. Then gently push the little lever on the back of the lens. The diaphragm should open now. If you release the lever, it should "snap" bakc into place.

If there's any delay or malfunction in these actions, there is oil on the aperture blades...
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As was stated, you have to have the camera in M mode to get the camera to stop down the lens when you are shooting, and you have to push the button to meter (and have the custom menu set right).

If I'm in low light situations where I want to shoot with the lens wide open anyway, I'll leave the camera on one of the other settings (doesn't matter which one, all the others work the same) and it will automatically meter (doesn't have to figure out what the aperture is because it won't stop down the lens), acting more like an A or a FA lens (very convenient, I have a tendency to forget to push the button).
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You can also hit the AE-L button and it will stop down and set the exposure for you. That way it will be wide open for focusing yet a quick hit on the AE-L will get you your shutter speed.

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in the custom menu. have you set the cam to ''use aperture ring''. you have to do this to use manual lenses.

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I just got 2 manual lenses in the mail. Time to give them a test run.
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The one question that was not clear is are these M42 screw mount lenses or K mount lenses? If they are screw mount lenses they have no way of working the aperture lever in the camera and are fully manual. I suspect they are PentaxKor Mlenses as you didn't mention having to use an adapter. Many of us use these old manual lenses quite often and get some very good pictures with them - Bruce
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