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Saw this posted at http://www.broadbandreports.com.


[TOKYO December 21, 2006] HOYA CORPORATION ("HOYA") and PENTAX Corporation ("PENTAX") announced today that they have reached a basic understanding aimed at a management integration of the two companies, expected to be completed on October 1, 2007. The new company's name will be HOYA PENTAX HD Corporation. Under a corporate center with strategic planning functions, the new company will realign the business areas of HOYA and PENTAX. HOYA and PENTAX have recognized that they are the best possible business partners to establish a solid business structure that draws on their respective strengths. Through this management integration, the planned new structure will allow the new company to swiftly allocate significant management resources to develop strategic business areas, aiming at accelerating future growth.
Farther down the pdf is written: Under the terms of the basic understanding announced today HOYA will be the surviving company.

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maybe good, maybe bad

i didn't know hoya was such a large company..
by pentax.. hello samsung/hoya.
if you look at pentax's stats you can tell they have taken a beating in at least the 1st quarter of 2006. i wonder what has happened since the k100 & the k10. what pentax needs to do is some aggressive advertising for more brand name recognition.

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Just read an article on zdnet about the merger. It sounds like there could be some really positive things to come from this, as long as the K10 does well in sales. It sounded from that article that Hoya wasn't much interested in the digital camera side, but they've been in the photo business for many years and have always understood advertising. This could be a really good thing if Hoya decides to push the digital camera marketing. It does concern me that it wasn't their primary purpose in buying the company, which makes me wonder if they'll just let a noble, old, outstanding photography name die and deliver the photo world on a silver plater to the N and C crowd.

Here's hoping for lots of new lenses and a continuation of creative cameras for the future. Pentax COULD be a great name in photography, if someone would just do the right marketing.
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I don't really care how big Pentax is in the market today, I just don't want them to go out of business like minolta!

I just can't seem to grasp why Pentax agreed to a takeover right after the release of their most popular DSLR's ever! (The K100D and K10D)

Their profit should have increased immensely if you look at what they had at the beginning of 2006 :s

I don't get marketing...
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As far as I can see from reading the press release Pentax Imaging will continue as a subdivision within the new structure. That means they will survive as long as they contribute to company profits. They also aim at the high end product level in this division:

"the new company will differentiate its offerings by specializing in high-value added products with unique technology and will focus on areas where it has a competitive edge"

I guess that means we will not see two new Optio models per week. It also means that you should tell all your friends and your extended family members to buy a K10D, and a new one next year.


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CNET has a news article on it:

It was sold for $770 millions, that is about half of what YouTube fetched:!:

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