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oops,, i forgot to add the LOL & :blah:if you know what i mean...

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Thanks Dan. I really like the effect that the blue is doing to the photos. I will try it out this weekend. I have been just trying for neutral white balance in my photos, but this is a good tip for capturing the mood of the natural light. How could this be used to enhance flash photography. Basically I want the mood of the natural light but need a bit more to open the shadows and am using direct flash at the subjects. Thanks again.

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I tend to always leave it in M even though it takes me almost forever to set it up correctly!
I still consider myself "learning" the manual mode of photography so I just force myself to use it. At about 2,600 shots on my DS, I think I am getting the hang of it and I am no longer afraid of it.

But I am still having trouble with white balance and that is what I am tackling next. At outdoors, WB is no problem when set to auto but with indoors light, it is different. Tungsten in indoor lights tend to do a lot better job than AWB though. But I guess it all depends on what kind of light is on.
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I find in postprocessing I have to significantly warm up many of my flash shots. I guess you could try the Cloudy WB setting to get a warm flash look, but then the ambient light in the background would be even more orange.

Another idea (I haven't tried this) would be to use an amber gel, or a warming filter, over your flash to try to match the color temperature to the tungsten ambient light. Then you can set your WB wherever it looks good to you, and the flash-lit parts and the ambient parts of your scene would match...

Good luck, and show us some results!

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I almost always use Av and almost always shoot jpeg as I find post processing RAW to be a real drag. Generally auto ISO.

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I've been usuing manual mode alot since I got myHaminex 28mm 2.8 and Vivitar 50mm 1.7. I've been using P mode when I use the kit lens. Seems like using manual is helping uderstand a lil more now. :-)

I have a vivtar 135mm 2.8 coming next week I hope. After that the 50-200mm should follow shortly. Then my LBA will slow down and take advantage of the lens I have now. The 50mm and 28mm are fun to use. Went and snapped a few shots yesterday. :|
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