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will this work? im just looking for something cheap and simple. i can't afford the 200 price tag of a dedicated flash that are design for our p-ttl camera.

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This looks like a "Thyristor" flash and should work with any camera. All you will need to do is to set the aperture based on what the flash scale (typically on the back of the flash) which should enable you to shoot within a specified range of distance. While I use a P-TTL flash, I also have a smilar flash by Vivitar that works under these circumstances.

I can't tell where your location is, but shipping from HK adds a US$20 premium which to me makes it a bit pricey! Jay
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Your K100D is P-TTL, not TTL so it will only work in manual mode just like the old days with the film K1000.

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Hi Johnny,

It does look like an auto-thyristor flash so you'd need to set ISO and aperture for automatic exposure within it's stated range, but if it were my money, I'd spend a little more and get either a very high quality name brand used flash of this type or a high quality name brand new flash of this type. This one might be great, but then again, it might be junk. . .

Examples would be

Pentax AF 280T -- used -- I bought one for $60. It's a TTL flash, but it has an Auto mode, and I've used it in that mode with my K10D (and in TTL mode with my DS).

Sunpak 383 -- new -- @$80 -- a well established and highly regarded flash.

Too many nightmare stories with no name flash units for me.

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it will work as a semi- auto flash. being an auto-thyristor flash it will have range setting on the back. it will work in auto from X distance to X distance at a certain aperture value. the further away your subject is, the wider the aperture you will need to use.

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I use this an Auto-Thrysister type flash, at first it's a bit annoying changing all the setting manually, but you get used to it and eventually don't need the chart, but until you can save up enough for a dedicated flash, it's definately worth it. I picked up mine from Ritz camera for 40 dollars, if you have any of those near you, you might want to try that to save that rediculous shipping price.



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Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of money trying to get by cheap; Work is a relative term. It will not produce photos of the same quality as a $200 P-TTL flash. I'd be surprised if the results are any better than using the built in flash and a higher ISO setting.
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