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Don't worry, mtngal, I have no desire to buy anything other than a Pentax when I take the plunge. That's assuming of course, that the old k mounts are still capable of being used, and I don't see anything happening to alter that in the near future. I'm quite optimistic about that.

Also, thanks to everyone for the welcome.
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Here's my two cents worth on the Hoya-Pentax merger. When I bought my first Pentax, a Spotmatic ll back in the early 70's. Itwas called a Honeywell Pentax. I always just called it a Pentax, as most people did. The brand has been around a long time and at one time, it was the top selling camera outselling both Canon and Nikon.Even you newbies must have heard ofthe K1000, the almost perfect SLR starter camera. It actually made you make the decisions before shooting the picture and the pictures actually turned out great as you learned photography.

It was no surprise that Pentax has merged with someone like Hoya that can offer them much in the line of resources and money for R&D. After all Hoya has been involved in the photography business along time, unlike Samsung. I for one am excited about this move and think we as consumers only stand to benefit from it. Personally, I'm going out and buying some more Hoya filters for my lenses to show my support. Companies are constantly being bought and sold and the good ones survive on the merit of there product name. Pentax is one of the good ones - Bruce
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I think Pentax should do what Ericsson did. Ericsson made the technically most advanced cellphones of all, but they totally misinterpreted the market. They thought that cellphones was something exclusive for corporate executives, so they designed grey, sophisticated little devices and advertised them in business magazines. Nokia, on the other hand, filled their cellphones with games, made exchangeable coloured covers and marketed them for teenagers. Ericsson nearly went bankrupt, whilst Nokia put Finland on the world map as Nokialand.

Ericsson merged with Sony, who knows all about design and marketing, but little about manufacturing cellphones. And today Ericsson is one of the leading brands again...

From our point of view,depending on Pentax' success in thethe consumer market, maybe Samsung would have been the better partner. I don't think R&D is Pentax' weak point...

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