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im looking to replace my broken Olympus Ultrazoom, and i noticed the K110D is pretty close to my price range of $400 with rebate for the body + lens kit

now, one of the largest complaints i had with my ultrazoom was the lack of image stabalization, it really destroyed any hopes of night action shots. Is the K110D going to have the same problem of dismal low light performance compared to the 100D because of the lack of image stabalization?

I do not plan on buying any new lenses for awhile, the K110D is just at the very tip of my pricerange, booo being a student

thanks in advance!
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The K110D is a nice camera...no doubt about it. But my personal opinion on this is, if you can afford the price difference between the K110D and the K100D, I would get the K100D. They are virtually identical cameras except for the image stabilization. From what I have experienced with my K100D, the I.S. works VERY well. I am soooo glad I got it. It has given me many more "keepers" that would have otherwise gone in the trash bin. It is especially noticable with my new 70-300mm lens. Without I.S. I would have to use a tripod for 300mm. But with the I.S. turned on, handheld shots are easy.
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I agree the K100D is worth that extra $70 or so for the SR. I upgraded from the DS to the K100D and am very happy with the SR feature on it. I did a few test shots and was able to take picture at 1/10 sec without a problem with my FA 50mm. I was never able to do that with my DS.
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If the price diffrence is 100$ or more, I'd go for the K110D, otherwise I think the SR will be worth it...
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if not getting the SR then i'd buy a D, DS,DS2, or DL. under 400us on ebay. ck out completed listing


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Whether or not the SR will help you depends on what you mean by "night action shots". Shake reduction can only reduce blurring from camera shake, it cannot help you achieve blur free shots of moving subjects, only faster shutter speeds can do that. The best way to get faster shutter speeds is to get a fast lens like a 50mm f/1.4 or 135mm f/2.8 (lower F values are brighter). Longer telephoto lenses and especially zoom lenses with that kind of brightness get a bit expensive.

The next best way to get faster shutter speeds is by turning up the ISO. If you'll mostly be shooting JPG, you might find that the Canon XT performs better in this regard than either Pentax as it is about as sensitive at ISO 1600 as the Pentaxes are at 3200, and it also has better white balancing, noise removal and continuous shooting. I would suggest shooting RAW with any camera in low light though, and the differences are not very significant there.

Finally, you can get faster shutter speeds by adding light or using a flash, but I doubt this is what you're looking for. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you try turning down your flash brightness (actually makes the flash faster) and see if that helps. It's a nice way to add light without having that flash snapshot look.

However, if what you really want is to be able to use slower shutter speeds at longer zooms, I believe SR gives you quite a big advantage and can help you get shots the XT would not be able to (without investing $400 or more in a stabilized lens).
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I have been able to get good shots as slow as half a second at 50mm with the anti-shake turned on. It is well worth the few extra dollars over the K110D.
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Your question does come down to how important is IS (Pentax calls it SR) to you. As Corpsy pointed out, SR helps with slow shutter speeds, but won't stop action. I had a nice picture taken at night in Las Vegas - the lights on the New York, New York casino were sharp, with no evidence of camera shake. Just as I pushed the shutter a taxi came around the corner near where I was standing and sped by, leaving a blurry image in front of the buildings. Movement is best captured by a fast lens, and the kit lens is not very fast.

If your primary purpose is to get night action, you might want to look at getting a DS or a DL with kit lens (or the K110)on ebay and then alsogetting a fast prime lens, like the 50mm 1.7 or 1.4 (therehave beena number of different versions of this lens made over the years, and you can often pick up a manual versions of this lens for under $100).
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