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My first attempt at birding with the DL. Onyl previous experience was at a nature park in France a few years ago with the Panny FZ-3. (which worked great)

Went for a short bikeride as a way of taking a break from studying today. Took the DL and 28-200mm with me, as I wanted to get some birds. 200mm is the longest I have.


- I need a longer tele. The first pics are crops, I should be able to reach further than 200mm...

- Gotta pay attention to my hands and breathing. 80% of my pics from today had motion blur. It was cold and I was wearing gloves, but still I was a bit careless about it until I came home and saw the results...
Gosh SR must be great

So basicly I'm doubting if I should save up for one of these

or one of these :lol:

These first 2 are crops

extremely disappointed I had motion blur on this one...next time I ought to crank up the ISO sooner...

One of the few decent shots I got

This is what the environment looked like. There were plenty of birds on the water, but of course a line of trees was blocking my camera :roll:

Now these did work out. A whole group of pigeons kept flying up when I passed, great oppurtunity

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Personally I would go with the K10D.

If you buy the lens, then you will need a tripod for every shot, unless it is very sunny. Don't forget, at 400mm that is 600mm in 35mm terms which means shutter speeds in excess of 1/750 or 1/1000 of a sec.

However, if you buy the camera then all future lenses will benefit from shake reduction, plus all the benefits of a better camera.

Although 200mm doesn't seem that great, you can get good shots with it from a fair distance - try using a monopod to steady yourself. I bought one around 15 years ago and couldn't get on with it, now I take it virtually everywhere and rely on it totally.

Just my opinion - ask 50 people get 50 different answers.

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LOL! I know what you mean about the 200mm lens - I played with birding this fall, right after I got the K100 and came to the conclusion that 200mm was too short. But I also knew that I'm not the steadiest person any more, so I figured getting anything longer than 300 would require a tripod and I'd never bother with it. The A*300 works perfectly for me.
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I vote for K10D....and Sigma 135-400mm ... plus monopod:G

I tried my A70-210mm F4 + 1.4TC on K100D at it and it is tough. 300mm ain't that long.

When panning SR is of no good: crank up ISO or hope for good light.
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The sigma was a joke btw, I don't think I'll spend that much on a lens for the first couple of years...

And a K10D is something for next year, after the next pricedrop in Europe.

I see these on ebay quite often for a very ncie price. Any experiences with them?

Cosina 100-400mm F4.5-6.7 AF

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