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I've been waiting for these results and can't understand ( if this is true ) how the Pentax K10D gets 3rd and the Sony Alpha 100 gets 4th. Popular Photography rated Pentax as a great advanced amateur10mp camera, that has excellent IQ in all ISO ranges, along with features no other dslr in its class has, with quality that is very near the Nikon D200 and the Sony was named Camera of 2006 by the same Magazine. Now we get the so called Electronic results of the shootout ( again, if it's for real ) and this is the way they fall. All I can say is, come on Pop Photography, get with it.
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Canon and Nikon 1 and 2, Pentax 3...not like it's a new story.

Do you really need to ask how come?

It's popular photography, not objective photography. And good marketing does appeal to 90% of the public...
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i posted a limk where PP lauded the mk10 as a breakthru cam and then they turned around posted this.. my biggest concern waS WHEN they chose the sony as cam of the year..
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Yep, I guess you're right. It's the same old story. Oh well, at least we can rely on the good folks who own the Pentax K10D for an honest opinion.
Happy New Year to you and yours, TDN. :|
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Interesting. I used to use Minolta during my film days and always felt they got a bad rap from the photog elite. However it really doesn't make any difference. Pentax is an excellent brand, takes great pictures and usually costs a little less as well. Let those folks talk. It won't hurt our pictures or our ability to take them! We know what we've got!

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That is why I don't even bother to read Pop Photo any longer.

What kind of idiot rates a camera positively because it is weather sealed and rates the same camera negatively because the weather sealed SD card door is less convenient to get open?

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Jay D

Re: camera ( or most other items) of the year.

If I remember, that came out before the K10D went on sale. Plussubtract a month or two for publishing. Doesn't make sense that they don't wait for the end of the year at least. Most mags do the same thing.

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