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To me it's more important that it is weather and dust sealed. The upcoming DA*-lenses will be weathersealed, optically pro-level and unfortunately pretty expensive. Probably less expensive than the Cancon equals, though.

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The weather proofing is a bonus. It's easy to talk about taking pictures in nice weather when you have it, the sun hasn't shown itself here for a small month, mostly fog, drizzle, rain. so when I took a walk today I had my camera with me, and there was a bit of rain, but that isn't going to stop me.

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I'm thinking that with a lens hood on, you wouldn't have to worry about too much about droplets getting on the glass - but I haven't photographed in rain. I'd say though, that my idea of photographing in the rain is doing so when the rain won't visibly show up in the shot - say, a very light drizzle or misting. Even so, if you stay out for a while, that water will collect on the camera, which gets risky. I think the weather proofing would keep you from having to coddle the camera the entire time, as well as give good peace of mind.
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Here's a K10D in action around water...


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i really liked the idea of the k10d being waterproof. my 1st thought was that yes, i'd like to take it out in the rain. i love rain sometimes, there's something about a light shower in the forrest that i always wished i could capture with a camera. but then i would think about the lens, and that's a weak point. but i've heard of various ways of putting a plastic bag around the lens to waterproof but i havent tried. does anyone have a pic of their wet weather setup with a ziplock bag around their equipment? i'd like to try this sometime. I've taken my old pentax film slr (mz5n) out in cold winter with no problems. kept it under the coat like everyone else.

a question i have is: does water resistant = weather proofing? i would assume the extra sealing would also protect the camera more in sandy, humid & windy environments? am i right? Personally i really fear humid environment like the tropics. how do you all manage to take picture when on vaction in a tropical region with excessive humidty? i took my old film slr to south america once and the humidity seemed to make dust stick more to my zoom lens. it never zoomed as smoothly after that trip.
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