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Ok...to start, i am self-taught photographer... just got into photographer about 2 years ago. To make a long story short, a friend of mine whom just opened a night club asked me to come and take candid shots of the club while it was full with people to get some photos to post on the website.

My questions are:

1. Recommendations of Lenses and or Filters?

2. Recommendations of settings for my camera.

3.any othertips/tricksI can be aware of?

I have a *ist DL its my firstDLSR, I love it, but as I amawareshooting in low light situations can be tricky.

I am open to all suggestions and comments. Also, some shots may be of groups photos and employees "on the job" type of shots, ie: bartenders, bouncers, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!
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i'm sure you've been to a nightclub where a photographer walks around and shoots people. they usually have an external flash unit and a led light assist. (im not familiar with flash units so i cant help you on which ones those are).

unless you have an external light source to help the camera "see," i'd suggest getting your manual focusing skills high up there. the auto-flash "buzzing" will annoy a lot of people.
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I've done quite a bit of shooting in nightclubs for local bands. My advice is grab am external flash. the pentax 360, 500, or the new 540 would be good choice for your camera. Also look at the sigma 500 series. Make sure you grab a diffuser and back the intensity down a little, this keeps the flash from ticking off the crowd, kinda, and gives you better fill. Set your camera WB settings to Flash and focus to MF - infinity setting. Your shutter speed should be synced with your flash and you won't have much control over your aperture so just let the camera do the adjusting. That little feature on your camera called exposure compensation will be your friend to dial in your exposure. Try some non flash pictures if you can in areas that will give you good lighting. Play with the white balance when not using the flash. Sometimes I like to set the WB to Tungsten and sometimes it's fine when in Auto mode. the truth is it really depends on the light conditions in the club. Arrive early, scout out good areas with good light, do some test shots (this is the best feature of a digital camera) and play around. Good crisp stop motion shots are great, good focus on the faces and blurred body in motion gives the sense that they are having hun and not just standing around, those make the great promotional shots you're after. Just watch that you don't bleach out the people with your flash. Bounce/disfuse/redirect and use ambient light when possible. As for lenses... Did you get that 18-55mm kit lens? It works fine, but something that is an F-2 to an F-4 wide angle zoom, or a fish eye to give a cool effect will work. Look for interesting angles, over head crowds shots, get down and shot up into people, or tilt the camera at an angle. experiment. take a 2 gig SD card and fill the thing up, you'll get about 30 pictures worth showing in the club light conditions. It's a hard shoot, but experimenting is cheap with digital and you'll learn a lot more about your camera. Hope this helps...
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thanks for all the insight.. I most certainly appreciate it!

I will try my best to follow instruction!

thanks again
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i use to do this in new orleans back in my film days. i seldomly used a flash. get yourself a good 50mm f1.4 lens. all of the pentax's are good enough , even the 30+year old ones. shoot at iso800. with the crop factor you effectively have a 75mm short tele f1.4.. it'll take some practice learning how to brace yourself and the cam but you don't have to pay for processing as many of us did. i've just always have loved the available light shots compared to the harsh lighting of indoors flash. if you do use flash then use a difusser.. bottom part of an alcohol bottle works great. shoot in raw also.

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