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Anyone with a clear view of the western horizon in the northern hemisphere might still be able to shoot a picture of Comet McNaught's tail. Good shots Perigee and errno. as you can see from Perigee's shot the tail sweeps behind the comet in a multi-million mile fan that is still visible in the northern hemisphere. see here http://spaceweather.com/ for more details. My best advice would be find as dark a skies as possible about 1.5-2 hours after sunset, use the kit lens, iso 400 or better, 10-30 second exposures and f-5.6 or wider. You might also try exposures of less than 10 seconds if those turn out good. Enjoy this comet while you can everyone. When Hale-Bopp was in the sky for three months in 1997, I only went out a few times to try to shoot it. I got good shots, but I've kicked myself since then for not going out more often and shooting it with a wider variety of foregrounds and getting more shots. Good comets only happen about once a decade, great ones like this one are sometimes once in a lifetime.
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Here is an interesting article with a fantastic picture of the Comet that was on MSNBC's websitetoday. It is very interesting reading - Bruce

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Evening low cloud last few days has prevented any comet shots,but still a few more days to go here.

Meantime anyone wanting to see more pictures here is url of the Flickr Comet McNaught pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/cometmcnaught/pool/
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