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*ist DS 1/500 Pentax kit lens f13 zoomed to 31mm ISO400

*ist DS 1/60 Tele-Lentar f450 1:6.5 stopped down to f16 and Vivitar 2x multiplyer ISO400 (effective f900 and f32, I think?)

These two images are across the bay from my porch window.The second image is centred at about the 'X' mark on the first. Both images are resized to 25% and have no processing except Paint Shop's 'One click photo fix'.

The registration plates on the cars are readible at 100%.

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Great example of a big zoom. I've always wondered how well those 2x lenses work.

Is yours the type that screw on to the front of the lens like a filter? I see some that say they are for K mount cameras, so I assume those go between the camera nad the lens. Am I correct?
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makes a big diff john. my 500mm surprises me all the time the amount of detail it can get. how big is the lentar?? alsow/o the 2X, how sharp is it wide open?

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The 2Xis the type that goes on the camera before the lens andis one that came matched (and it is branded as such) to a Vivitar 210 lens.On reflection I think that might be a 75-210 zoom.

The Tele-Lentar is a F450 F1:6.5, screw mount preset type and is in spanking new condtion. It is about 14" long and a bit over 3" at the biggest diameter. I have not really played with it much so I dont know what it is like wide open.

I am quite suprised what 900mm does, I can hardly see those cars with naked eyes!
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Nice examples. I can hardly wait to try my Sigma 400mm with my Tamron 1.4X multiplier, but it's winter here, and I just haven't taken it out yet.

Oh, and can I come visit? Very nice landscape in #1.
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Hi John-

Great shots

Wow what a view ,wish I had a porch like that:-)!


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Another vote for your wonderful view - while mine isn't too bad at all, yours is outstanding! Love the pictures, too.
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