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To 1300US :roll:

Ha ha ha.......At least they figured out that both K10 and d200 are on par ....

Although What I would really like is a hands on shootout between those 2

By the way.....My k10 is supposed to be coming early february :|
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What the heck is taking you so long? Got mine right after turkey day and haven't been happier. I would love some added guidance on lenses. I have both kit lenses and a Viviitar Ser1 AF in the 28-200 range. A nice lens but...I still end up changing lenses more than I like. Any experiences with the Tamron 18-120 (or is it 140??)

Any suggestions

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Try the Sigma 18-200mm. If you hate switching lenses so much that one will cover just about everything you need. I've been real happy with it.

Opt for a Macro prime if you're into macro. Also the Pentax 12-24mm is a real nice lens for wide angle... Very Sharp. I just got the Pentax 10-17mm fish eye and can't wait to try it out...

To go long, drool over the Bigma (sigma) 50-500mm. Wacky Roger has some great shots he's gotten with that one. If that's too high of a price to pay, try the Tamron 75-300mm (macro). With the 1.5x you get just by putting that thing on a DSLR you'll be shooting at 112-450mm or so... Nice lens clear, sharp and cheap...
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Thanks for the info about theose lenses. Some of the reports I have seen place the Tamron 18-135 far ahead of the Sigma. I know Pentax is coming out with their version soon. I think i read somewhere that it is a rebadged Tamron.

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Yeah and Nikon AND Canon better get ofF this Lens IS ONLY crap or become 2 and 3rd rate.

Is lens IS better.... yeah... SO FAR... but $300 PER LENS better... I think NOT.

And difference is I can put any Lens IS lens on my K10D....just turn off the internal so they don't fight each other....

Same can't be said of the Lens IS only cameras.... can't just slap on any old lens (even an antique totally manual and have it be IS)

And it amuses me that JUST because of this how many(younger folks) consider PENTAX an untrustworthy NEWCOMER.... when in the US Pentax probably predates both Canon and Nikon as premire cameras (or at least a 3 way tie).... they just made some bad mistakes in the 80's and 90's with film....
but darn are the coming back with a VENGENCE in the DSLR world... after honing their teeth and getting the basic bugs out on the Oddly non IS is's.

And as significantly less featured and only 6MP even the K100D is getting BIG accolades.

And so far P has lucked out with Canon and Nikon dozing.

Actually I was waiting for the the Canon 40D.... but gave up.... probably still just yet again just another warmed over C-20D.

On the FIRST serious OUTINGS (both 100 and K10D) they at least have gotten their ears real pricked up now!!!! will they pay attention or stick to their monied elitis BS?

And one other thing....

Barely 1 month after real release.... Pentax already has new firmware out.
A couple (literally 2) BIZARRE anyone might ever encounter circumstance fixes and like 10 new functionality mods... likely asked for by pre release tester/reviewers and company testers. And for any camera easy to implement... but they actually DID a moth out of the box .

Other than the hacked (non Canon) firmware giving original Rebel many Canon 10D capabilities.... Canon to my knowledge has Never upgraded the 300D firmware.

They do fixes only... Pentax nearly/barely out of the box taking care of Once in Blue Moon problems (most would never encounter) and adding features... hope they keep that up on the K10D... guessing they will They have made the "Leap For mankind" and regained a lot of their past excellence... sure hope they run with it while C & N are still dozing!!!.

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