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Having had my K10D for over 2 weeks now (and used every day)... also with
two lenses.... kit 18-55mm and SIGMA 70-300 (450mm crop)

I have noticed something I haven't really done the math to prove... but PERCEPTION is that the IS actually does BETTER with LONGER FLength lenses than it does short.

My GUESS for that might be that in wide like 18mm the correction distance is so small/fine motion). likely sensor motion is somewhat electronically dampend... where as long focal length the this is going at near full bore movement wise (no dampening) all the time.

Again just to lazy to do the exposure/optical math, to see if really true, but just wondering if anyone else with some long lenses has noticed this too?

And maybe why some of the early reviews were some what less than enthralled (but ALL admited for the slight difference vs $300 extra on every lens.... remarkable) of the the IS... maybe because they only tested with the kit lens.... what it does with my 70-300 impresses me MUCH more. (and its also a slower lens) than the kit lens.

Juat as an example this is a 25% crop so 4x digital mag on top of a 300mm (450) zoom
at albeit 180th sec... but that's still sill pretty slow and that moon was waving all over the frame.... and even craters still decernable.

It also actually came out centered which amazes me as much me too.!! Could be pure accident of even anticipatory timing (even fast DSLR's have some delay) but given the flat bue backround the IS might have done that too. Figuring that what desired.

Is it PERFECT no but hand held that long??? Pretty amazing. I have even tried 200mm+ at 1/4 sec... and other than motion blur amazingly good... but again the kit 18-55mm lens is sometime disapointing....

Certainly never got anything REMOTELY like from my old Rebel.... then IF (big IF) 10Deven got the exposure, in basic AUTO with the priime lens (md Fpreference....MTF) but basic optional (P)rogram mode....and tiny part of original image.... Rebel maybe sharp but just a bright/flat white wedge.... darn D10Dgot it all right pretty darn close to ideal.... just taking maybe 2 sec.

Again I don't think the lens but the inertial factors of the IS system.... fine vs coarse.

Quite frankly...OK somtimes it has taken a couple of tries... but again this moon shot was a quick one time just for the heck of it, basically snap. Cheap bottom lens (not even APO) point an push shot... and it more often than not does do that?

My jaw just plain hasn't sdopped dropping fop the last two weeks for what the K10Dcan so spur of the moment pull off.

And in two weeks I haven't begun to fnd its real limitations.... this is just go out everyday.... and how will it today!!!!! (Not tomention Pentax has already released a firmware update.... TWO RARE occurance problem fixes....and 10 or 12 new contro/option l features...

The thing has barely beeen on the shelf yet!!!!

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You're not alone here. I find my K10D's SR performing much better with long focal lenghts than with short.

I think this is because very different character of motion. At wide end you want SR to hold long exposures up to 1/8-1/4 sec. Hand shake is slow in such conditions, it's more like move, not shake. At long end (say 200-300mm) shake is high frequency and SR needs to compensate it just for 1/60 sec. (to get the same step amount advantage) or so.

So it is very different character of chake and looks like Pentax SR system copes better with high frequency shake with short exposures.

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And again the few to date REVIEWs are likely done with The KIT lens....

Again like you where the IS really bloes my sox off is trhe long FL i wouldn't even thought would happen...but no cost to digital why not..... WOW

And to boot the absolute OPOSITE of what you would expect.... agin for others that may have sen other post.... I can't stop saying this.... but my jaw in now going on a moth what the Petax K10D (though I do go outside AUTO) Puls off so EXTRODINARILY when it was just what the hell shot.... is just jaw drooping.
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