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I got this lens at Xmas and have had a lot of fun with it too
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Dal1970 - The main reason why I decided on this lens - actually several - the Pentax discount of $100 last year that ended the first week in January - my actual cost was $250, -100 for the mail in rebate along with finding the lens on the web (B&H) if I recall for a good base price of $350.

The other reason, was that I wanted something that I could try to caputre the interior of museams and the like - the walls and ceilings especially over in Europe. Now after using it a bit, I find that - say you want to capture a room, you usually have to back up and keep backing up to try to caputre it - with this lens - you actually need to get closer, so you can stand anywhere and get the room/area. Especially for a statue, you would almost need to get on top of it - i.e., really close to it.

Mtgal - I have been trying to be artistic - Thanks! maybe I am learning something.... I have not picked up any de-fishing software yet, but I am getting there --- slowly.

Mtgal/TN Mary - I too was looking at the Zenitar 16mm fisheye, and actually its a faster lens. But I was looking at it and it came down to paying double or about $100 more and I said to myself - what the heck - for $100 get the Pentax lens. and the rebate offer was going to expire soon, so I just ordered it while the I had the opportunity.

Now when it came, it had it's own pouch, and it is a rather small and compact unit. It does weigh a bit for its size, it feels like a precision instrument - has some "mass" to it - but do not take that as being really heavy in weight. The lens cap is a cap that slides over the extended prongs around the protrouded lens surface for protection. The zoom really takes you back - for architecture and landscapes - I would have to say it would have to take the right setting - like the Grand Canyon or being right up close to the building. As you can see above the landscapes the background mountains appear to be REALLY far away, but that is an artificat of the lens, as they are not really that far away. The tractors images - I was only about 2 feet away from the equipment, but with the wideness it appears that you are much farther away. - Its very deceptive, but in close quarters I can see that it could be very useful.

I took some additional pictures of the guniea pig show, but thought they would be uninteresting to everyone, however - I used it as my walking around lens that day with out changing once - just make it adapt to the situation. Very educational in actually doing that - I learned so much. Anyway, in taking just regular "street" senes, it works great, because of the additional dimension it provides. Also, as I was telling a friend at work today, it can be a great macro lens too, since you really need to get close, and it takes the subject in its context.

Fred2726 - Yes, my feet in the frame was a shock. Also I found that you really need to watch other things too, like coke cans and other things left on tables that you would not even give a second thought to, since they are usually out of the frame.

I also find that I am at one end or the other of the lens - so far not a lot in between, so its like having 2 prime lens in one.

I was also thinking about the Sigma 10-20, but I used Pentax 35 years ago and really like the Pentax glass, so I thought that the quality of the lens would itself be better than the non-fisheye qualities of the Sigma, and that with software I could remove them anyway, so I could choose to have possibly the best of both.

What I have not done yet is to try stitching 2 panoramaic shots together....
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Last night I used the filter in CS2 for barreling for the first time (the picture of the beer was with the 24mm lens and it has a bit of of barreling(far worse with film) -one of the reasons I never used it when I had a 35mm camera. It was interesting to see the bent line straighten up. You do need to frame the picture with extra on the sides - you have to crop some of the edges off or plan on cloning something into the dead spots. I don't know if you have the same situation with other de-fish software. It was a fun exercise.
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