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I am at the point where I want to buy a very good DSLR. I've had 35mm SLRs and rangefinders for years and I have a Panasonic Lumix P & S and although I like it, I want something with more controls and interchangeable lens.

I have had Pentaxes since '68 and have a few M42 scewmount and K series lens. I know Pentax promotes the fact that you can use your old Takumar and Pentax lens, but that's really not a huge factor for me.

My questions:

What's your opinion and experience with the K10 D? Do you think it's comparable, taking pictures at the Nikon D 80 level ?

Does the anti- dust mechanism work at keeping the sensor clean ? Do you ever have to clean the sensor manually or does the mechanism make that a thing of the past ?

Pentax says the K 10 D is rugged, with it's metal frame, anti dust seals, etc. Is it rugged ?

I intend to keep whatever I get for a long time and I want durability and reliability.

My other concern is that as a long time Pentax owner, I'm a little unsure of Pentaxes' future.

I know Hoya bought them out and now with Nikon and Canon, kind of cornering the market for DSLRs, I wonder if Pentax will go the way of Konica- Minolta ?

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I have had my K10D for a week now and am amazed at the difference between the K10 and the *ist series cameras.

I previously used a Nikon D200 for work and have found the K10D (with grip) feels exactly like the D200. Both are built very well and it does show in the feel of the body and general look.

I have heard differing opinions about the Dust removal and to be perfectly honest, dust is not such a big issue if you excercise some judgement and caution when and where you change your lenses and how you do it. If done properly then dust is virtually eliminated.

Apparently there is a seperate dust removal device made by pentax that connects using the lens mount and it cleans the sensor. However, most of us (Pentax, Nikon, Cannon etc) just use a pocket blower and some also use pec pad wipes.

As for the future of Pentax, well with the roaring dsales of the K10D and future lenses coming out I can't see the company up and folding, but then again no-one saw Pan-Am falling either.

No-one can guarantee the future, take a leap of faith, Pentax has been around a long time and business is good, you can always buy the Samsung version of the K10D if Pentax goes as they both use the same lens mounts and internal components.

personally, Pentax will be here for my lifetime... :lol::lol:
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I have used the D80 numerous times and like it. The image quality is very similar and usabilty wise they are pretty much equal. I chose the K10D. If I had not had a couple of lenses I may have gone with the D80 or 30D. The K10D feels very solid and durable, very similar feel to the 30D. I think the antidust mechanism will help in the long run with small dust specks, but large dust will have to be blown out and sticky particles will have to be wet cleaned. This is also true with the other DSLRs except that you may avoid the dust sticking in the first place with the K10D. There are no guarantees with any company's future. Buy what is best for you now and reevaluate down the road.
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YES ABSOLUTELY.... given less cost to the C & N bigboys and MUCH more capability (and even in the case of Canon QUALITY control.... hot pixels all over Canon forums these days... even the next to top 5D.... not heard ONE complaint about that from the Pentax side.... especially the 10D)

Unless you are heavily invested in C or N glass don't even think twice about jumping at the Petax K's
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Just my personal opinion - I got my K10 right before Christmas. It's done very well, I have yet to have to blow the dust off the sensor (I've learned how to be more careful changing lenses - I've owned Pentax dSLRs now for a year). It seems very sturdy and didn't mind taking pictures in the snow. The DS I bought a year ago is still going strong with another owner, and the K10 seems sturdier than it was. I've never shot pictures with the D80 so I have no way of comparing the two - all I know is that the K10 does what I want it to do, and (from past experience) I know that there is no way I could manage a 300mm lens without some type of IS. I'm in the happy camper category.
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Are you forgetting the K10D because of the internal IS also has the just give the sesor a good upward wack agaist the stops (Dust removal in the set up mewnue)... shake the dust off cleaning feature..... yet ANOTHER PLUS!!!

PS though the M42's require an adapter the K10D can us ANY lesns EVER made for a Pentax.... and still with the FULL IS.... though you might have to manually control exposure, if a manual lens.

Honestly you have to WORK HARD at finding a reason to NOT buy the K10D

If you can afford it don't even think TWICE about it just DO IT... most astounding bang for the buck out there.... until at least Canon and Nikon wake up from their Siestas and realize just how much the Tortise is ahead of the hares suddenly.

ANd it would seem that tortise has gotten into the Red Bull too.... barely a moth out of the box... and already a frmware update fix 2 RARE problems, and offering a dozen new custom setting options.....

No I would say safe to say Pentax is going for the 99 yard run back return.... on the K's.... they are not about to disappear. And there is probably some SERIOUS BUTT being kicked in the C and N backrooms.

In fact any one want to take a bet?.... the long rummored Canon 40D will be put off several more months.... and while I have no doubt Canon will stick with its lens only IS.....
This time there will be at least a MAJOR firmware/controls overhaul.... and not just yet another warmed over more MP 10/20D rehash.

And maybe this might sum it up best.... I have been in digital photography since 1997 with a 640x480 camera and a 1MP camera was like $400

The Pentax K10D is without question the biggest quantum leap EVER made in average person (not $3-5K+) Digital photography.... heck it is what the Original Rebel went for!!!!

That hasn't changed other that MP's hardly an iota in years... just gotten ever more inconveniently smaller.... K10Dreminds me of my old film SLRS.... this is a CAMERA.

I have the hacked firmware on my C-R 300D that gives it many C- 10D capabiities (Canon never made that mistake again).... but I don't think Canon has EVER unpdated the firmware.... and again barely out of the box Pentax has fixed two rare problems and added 10 new control features... I hope they keep that up.... and do make that amazing 99 yard kick return and win the game.

K100D being just 6mp and less feature rich C & N could just sort of POOH POOH...
But believe me the K10D has their attention BIG TIME.... or the tortise is going to win the race hands down.
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I am also a Canon convert to Pentax. The pentax has a more natural look to the pictures taken.

As far as the Dust, On my Canon I never had to clean save an occasionly blowing out the chamber with a bulb blower.

The so called buy out as you put it is more of a merger of Two companies that have been working together for a long time. Minolta was in trouble before they aquired Konica.

You already have lenses that will work with you camera and my need a $20.00 adaptor for the older screwmount ones.

It mainly will be up to you on the final decision on whether or not you will get one. Got to a store and handle and try all the brands and model that you have on your list. The one that fits your needs and is comfortable to hold and use should be the one to get.

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You might want to look at the K100 too, since it has SR and costs less than the K10D does.

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But MANY less features and only 6MP.... not that it isn't fine for MANY... but really just the test bed for the K10D.... which for just a few hundred more is easily 10x the camera.
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