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Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate the feedback.

As far as the building goes, I'm not completely sure what's going to happen with it. All the stuff in there belongs to the previous owner who is now leasing the building while he moves it out. I don't know how much he's going to take, but with the size of the crew he was using, I don't know how he'd ever finish the job.

My brother was not able to see the inside of the building until the day we went in. The auctions oftentimes are extremely incomplete in the descriptions of the buildings they sell and it is a risk, but sometimes you end up with a real bargain. After going through this place, he's begun to reconsider whether he will keep it. It has a lot of structural damage and has had a number of fires. I don't want to get into details though, it's a complicated situation.

Mtngal, Fred, I was definitely happy to get a hold of this lens so cheap. Shooting with a screw mount lens is actually a lot of fun, though I wish I could change the ISO without going into the menu (this applies to any lens though). Maybe if I hassle Pentax about it, it'll appear in a future firmware update.

Plagued, just by your name I should have guessed this would be your style of photography. Thanks for the compliments. I wasn't sad while shooting these, just freezing. It is more my style though to go with darker imagery, but I rarely get the chance to shoot this kind of stuff. Here's a video I think you'd like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeyEXt7-0jU

Robar, is this the chair you saw?

I didn't post this photo because it was so similar to the other one. I doubt my brother is going to get to keep any of the good stuff. Hopefully they'll take away all the garbage as well.

Thekman620, I really appreciate the comment. My favorite photos are the ones that seem like there's a story to them, and I'm glad to hear these have that quality to them.

Fisheye4, thanks, and I agree. My favorite image of these is the one with the plastic curtains, and that's practically B&W already. The bust of JFK and the window at the end of the hall would probably look better B&W. I wanted to provide these in their original color though since they're also meant to show off the camera's capabilities.

Royce10, thanks for your comments! The place did have a bit of creepiness to it, but most of it just seemed like a typical rotting junkpile. I think a lot of it had to do with the light and the lens. The lens has a warm tint to it which I think affects the colors a bit when white balanced.

The basement of the building though was definitely an eerie place. Pretty much every photo I took down there has an uneasy feel to it. Some of my favorites are the ones that actually came out bad:

I don't think I'd mind going by myself though. This is the kind of place I usually leave behind every morning when I wake up.

Bilybianca, thanks! I don't think I'll be getting permission to upload those pictures though. Plauged would probably like some of them because I caught them in candid moments that actually made them look really sad and depressed. Most of it was probably just the cold though.

If he decides to keep the building, I don't think cleaning the floor of the dance studio will be the biggest problem. The hard part is leveling out the floorboards that are bulging out all over the place.

Thanks again for all the comments!
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that is the chair i was talking about. about 150usd retail, new. BUT in the first picture there is in the center of the shot an upside down chair. that one is definately worth something especially if it's 1 of 4. i have a set very similar and gave 40usd each for them 20 years ago.

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Wow. Those are just - wow. What a cool shooting experience. I live in an old German farmhouse - some areas (such as the attached barn and cellar - still with alot of pre-WW2 stuff and doors, shutters etc) and you've just totally inspired me.

I don't have much clout around here for a discerning photographers eye, but I do know those pics gave me some shivers - and thats what its all about right?

None photography related - I have a VERY nosey question: any idea what your brother paid for it? The reason I ask is that i'm always trying to get DH to move back to north america, and I use the 'enterprising real estate' slant as much as I could. I showed him the pics and that was his first question. :lol: What a very cool journey your brother is embarking on. Please go back and post more pics as he goes along, will you?

I also can't get over some of the antiques. If i knew you in real life, I'd ask you to snag some of that antique sewing stuff. :G
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