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My brother recently made an unusual purchase. He got a pretty large warehouse from a government auction thinking to turn it into apartments and studios. We went to check it out for the first time yesterday, but I don't think we were expecting the disaster that we saw.

I brought along only the K100d and an old Super Takumar 50mm 1:1.4 lens I got off Ebay ($24!) hooked up with a Roxsen screw mount to K mount adapter (I definitely recommend this adapter). While screw mount lenses aren't as convenient as K Mount, I do like the speed at which I can shoot in Aperture Priority mode.

I was quite impressed with the performance I got out of the camera and this lens. There was no power in the building so all photos were taken using available light from the windows, or from flashlights. Unfortunately I prepared all these to be as small as possible for my brother (but large enough to print) and they don't contain any of their EXIF data, but if anyone really wants to know I can look it up for specific images. Most of these were taken at ISO 800 or 1600, typically f1.4 - f4 (I can't look up f-stops obviously).

I like to put a lot of text before the images so that they can get a head start downloading. Sorry to anyone with a slow connection.

This is my brother's friend. My favorite pictures were the ones with them in the shot, but I don't want to post their faces without their permission.

Here's my brother borrowing my video camera. It was probably around 12 degrees Fahrenheit inside, which was a good bit colder than it was outside.

The Super Takumar lens isn't multi-coated. This can make for a lot of glares which can either be annoying, or an interesting effect. Here the glare from a window creates a nice haze that warms up the look of the room.

The view from one of the windows. I kind of like the disorienting effect of this image.

This isn't really a good picture. It was taken at 1600 ISO, but the bigger problem is the composition. I would have taken the photo from further back, but the furniture pile up behind me was no cleaner than this.

I like how gloomy this one looks, as well as the nice dynamic range. I shot this one underexposed to see through the window and brightened the foreground in ACR.

It looks like someone was taking still lifes well before we got here.

A bust of JFK. I took this with a flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other. Manually focusing was the hard part.

A hallway in the basement. If we weren't rushing through the building and freezing our fingers off, I probably would have stopped the camera down a bit more and turned up the ISO. Still, with just a few flashlights to light the room, not too bad.

We speculated that this may have once been a dance studio.

I hope I can visit this place in warmer weather. This is the type of photography I enjoy, but barely had enough time to snap more than a few pictures before moving on to another room.


This was taken at ISO 1600 and underexposed. If it hadn't come out so grainy, I probably would have added the grain in Photoshop. I really like how unpleasant it makes this look.

Well, thanks for looking. Sorry to anyone who had to wait for everything to download. Comments and questions are definitely welcome.
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Love the pictures - a good example of how useful old glass can be.

It sure looks like your brother has his work cut out for himself - had he seen the inside before he bought it? That's one major cleanup job, and that's not even starting on the demo/renovation. But there's a lot of potential, both for the building and for additional photography.
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these pictures are ***AMAZING***!!

i highly doubt you were sad/depressed when you took these, but these pictures give me a very grieving feeling. a very strong feeling of lonliness and the thought of being forgotten.. which is a fear most of us probably share.

awesome job!
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nice thread corpsy
i like this type of thread. anyway

WOW, look at all the antiques, hehe , you guys get to sell. i saw at least 1 bentwood rocker in there.. and that bust of jack is probably worth a small mint.. you guys came out pretty good.

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Very cool series. I like photos like this. A story behind every shot. I like the old radio the best....cheers......Don
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those are awesome shots. I think a few of them would look kick ass in b&w as well.
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I love your choice of composition on most of your pictures!

Best $24 you ever spent...

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Hi Corpsy,
Cool Pic's, and looks like great potential for the future developement of the wharehouse.
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Great series of shots and story. You captured this long forgotten building very well. Your pics actually have a very creepy eerie-ness to them. I think it has to do with the way you captured the light. I don't think I could have gone walking around that place by myself. *shiver*
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Youv'e really "caught the moment" (Kodak moment?:-)) with these pictures. Very well done! But please ask permission from your brother and friend, if the pics with their faces are even better.

I feel sorry for your brother, though. The dance floor needs some swapping! Really, what is he going to do with this after getting the garbage out? A life time project!


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