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I was having trouble taking a picture, every picture came out black. The camera was fine right after cleaning, hours later it did not work. I thought I damaged the sensor while cleaning it. I went to take a look at the sensor, however the sensor was blocked. This was the first time I saw this "sheild" in front of the sensor. The sheild is like the built in lens protector on point and shoot cameras. The thing that is blocking the sensor does not move when the shutter is released or when the mirror is up. Can someone identify this problem? Also, does anyone have experience with Pentax repair, how long does it take, and do I need to obtain a RMA number?
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What's the camera - not that it's necessarily relevant.

How old is it - is it still under warranty - take it back to the retailer.

It's kinda strange 'cause given my limited knowledge, all I thought was in between the sensor & the 'outside world' was the mirror which, when flipped up during shutter release, should allow the sensor to be visible. The blockage that you refer to, could be that the shutter hasn't operated which would account for 'unexposed' images - that being the case, it'll have to go in for repair or replacement if under warranty.
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Well there is the shutter curtain too.
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The shutter curtain is the device that rapidly opens and closes, thus deciding for how long the sensor is exposed to the light that passes through the lens. What ever you do, dont touch it! Ultra thin metal leaves, finely tuned to work with precision.

Try to use the "sensor cleaning" operation according to your manual. If the curtain doesn't open then and let you see the sensor, there is definitely something wrong with it. Hand it in for service, hopefully you've still got it under warranty.

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