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TDN wrote:
just got my 10 feedback star...all good experiences.

had something similar with a lens that didnt fit the camera. Seller paid everything including postage back

Believe his name was Xamnor, great guy to do business with.
congrats! getting those stars can become almost as addicting as LBA!
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Bought a Sigma 28-105mm and the guy said it was a macro lens... when I got it, it was far from a macro lens... In LIKE NEW condition, but not macro... I asked him what he wanted to do, he offered 1/2 refund... I waited and waited, emailed and emailed, no money... so I filed a claim... still no response... I finally gave up and forgot about it... resold the item and made about 30 dollars on the deal. Then I get online and I have an email about a PayPal claim resolution and they had recovered the entire amount from him after siding with my argument. So I ended up making almost 80 dollars because I ended up with nothing invested.
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Afew of years ago I purchased a Minolta Maxxum 7000 from an ebay seller. It turned out that although the camera appeared to work, the shutter was damaged and jammed shut. If you put in batteries it made all of the right sounds and gave no indication of a problem. When I contacted the seller he immediately refunded my money and said he would contact me later with information on where to send the camera. The 7000 body is now a paper weight since he never contacted me again.

I must say that I have had far more positive than negative experiences on ebay.

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So far I've had good luck with eBay too.
Only 1 slightly odd experience but it was OK too.

Wife won a set of plates she is collecting and paypal paid, a few days leter we get a paypal/ebay notice that a refund & transaction cancel is wating for us to approve on.
With a note that the seller had dropped the box and all the plates in it broke :-)

Generally if you are carefull on what you bid on eBay is not a bad place to deal with.
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this lens is a kiron 28-105 f3.2-4.5
it's really a beautiful lens if you are like me and enjoy the older heavy pieces of glass.. nothing lost and a positive feedback received.

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went to a camera show today andi thought i was going to have the bargain of the month until i got home. i found another of the kirons, absolutely perfect.. both caps and a filter. all for $5..
K/AR type of mount. pentax/ricoh, right?? wrong, Konica!! just took pix and it goes on ebay tonight..


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So far I've only had good luck with ebay. My brother got taken for a couple grand last year, but he can afford it. Me on the other hand, couldn't afford to make that kind of purchase, let alone get burned on it.

I limit my purchases to amounts that I can afford to get burned on, which usually caps my ebay purchases around $50.
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