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had a styrange experience today on ebay. i had purchased a lens hopefully for my walk around lens. you know the story--ex cont., clear glass, etc. the guy has 9 feedbacks.. i got the lens today and it's very cloudy, well not too cloudy but i'd never had purchased it.. contacted him and got an instant refund. i had told him he should pay all posted incured.. he just gave the refund and told me to do whatever with the lens as he had no desire of reselling it.. they're are good people out there..

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Congrats on ebay success. Bought and sold around 60 items with only 4 problems to date. Of those only 1 was not resolved.

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never have had a problem. this was the 2nd time all was resolved. if they list it as clear glass then that's what i expect. anyone need a 28-105mm f3.2-4, that's slightly hazy???

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No biggie so far on eBay. Minor grief with buyers not giving feedback. About 20-25% simply won't althou I did it first thing. I might reconsider giving feedback as a seller until I hear back from them.

The only incident so far was a moron with Nigeria scam (really) who asked me to send the item in Nigeria, to his inlaws, before paying. What a scumbag.

It helps a lot knowing how the rest of the world works (kindof, and by that I mean non-US).

I probably spend too much time on eBay anyway. That is one thing about being with Pentax: you kinda have to. I start appreciating more and more of new lenses. The old ones are fun but it is just too much time waisted on them.
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I just had an almost bad experience. Bought an F 50mm f/1.7 af lens, and it was described as in great condition. NOT!! Aperture blades were stuck, and it had all kinds of dirt and grime. Well, the seller said he thought I was lying. Sent him pictures, and he said it was another lens that I'm trying scam him with to get fixed. Unbelievable. I took it to a shop, and they said it would be $40-$50 to fix. Seemed reasonable as I paid a decent price (no wonder), so I asked him if he'd fix it. He said he'd have to talk to the shop and confirm my description as he found this so hard to believe. Well I got it fixed, and he actually coughed up the money for the repair last week, although I thought he never would. Kind of turned me off of Sleezebay for the time being. This went on for almost 2 months - bickering and getting the runaround from the seller. I'll stick to periperals for now(batteries etc).

I've had a couple of other lenses described in glorious condition, and they've been ok, but just....ended up unloading them on ebay too, but I disclosed their faults unlike the people that sold them to me. Like I said, I think I've had enough for now. If I buy anymore lenses, it'll have to be from an eBay store, or a private seller with no less than 100% feedback and lots of transactions....Don
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i just had a terrible experience myself; purchased an mp3 player on 1/9 - asked twice when it should be shipped, finally got electronic notice of shipping on 1/19 (seller said 1-3 busn days from payment in the auction). well, sent a couple more emails in the meantime, asking if he actually sent it. Finally escalated it through paypal after 4 attempts to contact him this past monday (1/29) - this is of course still between you and the seller, and from there if you cant resolve it you escalate it to an actual paypal rep. i gave him 2 days to respond - shortly before the deadline (i said end of business day) - he gave me my money back. said since i had paid for insurance, that he would take care of it and file a claim and was sorry about it blah blah blah. if he'd actually sent it, he would have given me the ins.# and said deal with it. i checked recent feedback, and saw several similar experiences w/the same mp3 player and the same date. also some other things that had closed at good prices (player goes for $135 on avg i paid 115) - looked to me more like he just didn't want to lose a couple bucks. short story long i posted positive but told the negative experience in description- i hate ebay's feedback system the more i use it, you can't describe your experience if you actually have any probrlems!

haha, thanks for listening to the rant!
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The only bad experience I had on ebay was a rack and pinion for my MR2 that was to have been rebuilt. Paid for the part, contacted the seller many times over a two week period and was told it would be shipped the next day each time I e-mailed him. Next he stopped responding to my e-mails completely and still no part.

I mentioned this on a MR2 forum about a month later and one of the members that lived in New Orleans asked it I had the address I had sent the MO to. I gave it to him and he drove over to the guys house at 6:30AM, told him I had sent him to pick it up. The guy was so surprised he gave him the part, he then shipped it to me and all it cost me was double shipping.

It is a small world!

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Just got a *IST D with battery grip, 18-35 FA-J lens, 2-1GB CF cards, batteries, charger and other extras. All is just as described. Shipping took a bit longer than expected, but not other problems. This was my first purchase on ebay and I couldn't be happier. Of course, now I'm lens shopping, and having to educate myself on lenses for these things.

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just got my 10 feedback star...all good experiences.

had something similar with a lens that didnt fit the camera. Seller paid everything including postage back

Believe his name was Xamnor, great guy to do business with.
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Like most things in life - nothing perfect, but Ebay is prone to abuse which can be difficult to recover under some circumstances.

If in doubt - leave it alone.
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