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I know most don't like mirror lenses, but I am in favour of them, as they keep the size/weight down, while giving you a good reach.

Or so I thought:


Is this the fattest mirror lens?

Bit outside my price range but someone might like it.

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Hi Darren,

Mirror lenses are nice for the size and weight advantage. That one is quite fast for its reach. There is a Sigma 400mm on eBay that is a lot newer and is f5.6. They are usually a constant of f8. There was a Pentax mirror lens just on eBay that was not seen to often, It was a zoom lens. Its fstop was f8 to f12 and 400mm to 600mm.

You can get some nice images from them, But you also get a ring bokeh.

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man. how would you ever manage to manually focus that thing in the field?

I think that one's suitable for moon shots, and stills with a background without too much details... and that about covers it.

sure would be impressive to carry that around though
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Oh my gosh check out that thing! I suddenly feel so inadequate! lol!!
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It's the fastest I've seen but a tiny bit to large for my taste.
IMHO , I don't think that there is not a real size/weight benefit.



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The mirrors do give you a lot of reach for very little cash outlay, and they do need the use of a tripod :-)

The drawbacks are:
the constant aperture f/4 in this case, there is not much depth of field at 500mm and f/4 :-)

Manual focus only.

Filters normally drop into the rear of the mirror lens so you need to keep taking it off to change them if you plan to use filters.

Mirrors turn all specular highlights into donuts, which is not bad but can get annoying after a while :idea:
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Hi Darren,

I like fast and long. . . but it has to be practical, and 6.5 lbs ain't that IMO. It would be interesting to see if it's sharp enough to use a good 2x TC for 1000mm f8. . .:-)

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