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Hi guys...

Unfortunately pentax is not known much in our country (sri lanka)
I will be getting the k10D body soon from a friend..he didnt have money to buy a good lens(I passed on the FAJ 50-200mm)

Therefore it has forced me to buy online from a reliable source..

I am planning to buy some lenses from 47stphoto
Please give me your input on that shop please....

Also, please mention any other reliable economical shop too if you can..thanks
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I have not used 47th Street Photo and therefore am unable to comment on their service. I have on numerous occassions however used B&H Photo (www.bhphotovideo.com) and found their pricing to be competitive, very quick shipment (usually within 24 hours), and customer service to be excellent.I have purchased bodies, lenses, flash and other accessories from them--they continue to be my preferred source. Not sure if they ship to Sri Lanka, but according to their current source book, they ship to India at $25 for the first lb and $5 per additional lb. Good luck in your search! Jay
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buydig/beachcamera is also good. I've not read very many good things about 47th street photo, but never dealt with them personally.
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I checked it out on Reseller Ratings and their rating is only 5/10. Here are the reviews http://www.resellerratings.com/store...treet_Photo_13
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Old Feb 8, 2007, 9:57 PM   #5
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In December, I purchased a K110D with kit lens from Beachcamera.com and the price was the best I found. The service was excellent.

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Old Feb 8, 2007, 11:18 PM   #6
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You should check any online store with http://www.resellerratings.com
to see how others feel about their service, you would be surprised at how awful some of these stores are.

buydig/beachcamera are run buy the same people and are very good and I purchased my DS from butterflycamera.com and had a positive experiance with them also.

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Old Feb 9, 2007, 8:00 AM   #7
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Thanks for the help...seems I was nearly caught up

Will check out the reputed ones
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I just bought my signa lens for k100d from 47th store. Their survice was SUCK!!!First and last time to do business with them.

I gotmy orderafter18 days and a long, headache story!!! I placed an order, First, their site stated that items will ship 24-48 hrs after I place the order (I'm fine with this), but 2 day later I got an email comfirmed my order, and it stated that same "items will ship w/i 24-48hrs" and an email will send to me when it ship out with UPS # so I can track my order. Well, I waited, no email at all, so I called them after 1 week. They said they haven't ship out yet cuz they can't send to another address beside billing address (well, in their webside, there was 2 separate "Billing Address" and "Shipping Address", so I thought it would be nice that I send to my hubsband's business cuz he'll always be there to sign the package - Alright, my fault), I checked the credit card thatI used to order, they took the $ already, I confronted them about that!!! They took my money but not call me to change the shipping address!!!! ow, they said theygoing tosend it out and will send me an email so I can track my package... Ok, I waited for the email and package, no signfor both for next 4-5 days... then I called them again, this time they said "it sent" and going to email me right away!, yeah right... NO EMAIL at all. Finally, 17 days after I placed the order on their website, I got a notice from UPS (last Monday (2/1)), I have to arrange with UPS to pick up from it's store. So total is 18 days and 10+ phone calls.:evil:

Well, I got a brand new signa lens and LOVE IT, will take it with me to Las Vegas for Chinese New Year and practice...!!!
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Chesslanka wrote:
Hi guys...

I am planning to buy some lenses from 47stphoto
Please give me your input on that shop please....op too if you can..thanks
Actually just did for the first time to replace a SIGMA 70-300mm lens that got stolen.

No hassles and there in under a week and no verification (sell you more or price goes up/unavail BS) or any of the typical scam crap.

And actually Via SHOP.COM which also neted free shipping as well.

As to the above... shipping address shouldn't matter that much.... but the billing and credit card info must match exactly.

Must admit I did it to my home/billing/ship/card address... so can't really speak to that possible abberation.
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Not that this means anything, but I bought my Pentax Spotmatic ll from them in 1973. That was a long time ago and apparently times have changed. If I remember right, it was from an ad in Popular Photography. I remember it cost $147 at the time with the 50mm-f2 lens. Back then Pentax was king of the hill. What a great camera to learnphotographywith. I sold it on Ebay last Spring and it still worked great- Bruce
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