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Well I've decided on getting the k100d. I went to my local wolf camera tonight and the sticker price is $699. I generally have a difficult time buying from retail stores due to their higher pricing. (I buy most everything online). If I were to buy online, I'd want to link through Steves-digicams.com so that it will help him out. The site that I think has the best combo of reputation and price seems to be B&H. (Normally i'd buy from buydig.com but it's not linked on here). Anyway, B&H has the k100d with the kit lens for $539.95 (that's before the $50 MIR). Simple choice right? Well that's why I'm posting.

The only reason I would consider purchasing for wolf is because they offer lessons with the purchase. Being a novice, this was/is an enticing offer for me. However, are these lessons worth $160? I don't know so much. Granted that the k100 is an advanced camera, how big is the learning curve? I would assume that most of your 'learning' comes from trial and error.

So this leads me to my next question. Can anybody suggest a good book or DVD that will help me with photography basics all the way up (i.e. learning about aperature, iso, lighting, etc). I have looked on amazon.com but I have no clue which one to go with. I would prefer to buy online as I could use the extra $$$ to buy a lens.

Thanks for you help.
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I would say that the learning curve is very shallow with the K100D. For starters, you can put the camera into AUTO mode and use as a point and shoot. Then go to PROGRAM mode have a bit more control - +/- exposure. Then start using the shutter/aperature priority and play some more.

Finally catch a dose of LBA and buy a bigger bag.

As for photography books, something by Tom Ang is fairly simple and easy to understand.



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I bought my K100 from BuyDig.com. With 2nd day air shipment, I paid $499.14 (body only). Great service (except for the FedEx error).
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Do you understand depth of field and how aperture affects it? What shutter speeds do to a picture? If so, then you've got a decent enough background to start off without lessons. Actually, one time I handed my hubby my camera, told him how to turn it on and let him snap sunset shots while we inched along (I was driving) in the backup behind a partial road closure due to a brush fire. He did really well and then later used my DS at Yosemite without problems. This is a guy who has never owned a camera in his life, and has no interest in learning anything about photography.

I'd love to take a photography course somewhere and don't want to talk you out of lessons, but you might not need them - the K100 can be an easy camera to use right off. Read the manual a couple of times. It's good at explaining the "what" but not necessarily the "why." And we're always around here to answer questions.
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