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Yep, I get ±500 or sometimes more with 1 set of GP 2500 NimH's

Maybe you could find a friend who uses a brand other than energizer and see if it makes a difference...
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Remember one other thing: Lithium batteries are 1.5 volts. Nimh batteries are 1.2 volts. The battery meter on the K100d should be calibrated for the lithium batteries, while the battery meter on ist* is probably calibrated for the nimh. With that in mind, the K100d will see lower initial voltage with the nimh and the battery meter will show a partially dischaged battery very quickly, but the batteries should still power the camera for a long time.
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A Test,

I just placed 4 freshly charged 2500 Energizers in my camera and fired 275 flash pictures with no battery warning. I also turned off the camera several times during this test. In fact the camera still shows full charge. I may have a bad cell with my other set of batteries. They are in the charger now and I will test them tomorrow night or Thursday.

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Do yourself a favor and buy Eneloops. Severl threads here about their advantages.
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