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Hi Michelle,

Another possible cause of vignetting can be the rim of the filter -- if you're using one, and if you're shooting at anywhere near wide angle focal lengths. To test this, take the same shot with and without the filter.

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If you have one cell of the four batteries that is a little weaker than the rest, it can cause what you are seeing. If you have a tester, check each one after the camera gives its first half-charge indication. You will probably find one or more that reads low, with the rest at a higher charge. If you have more than one set, try to sort them into sets by charge level.

Photobucket free albums have a limit on file size. If you are uploading full resolution pictures, their software adjusts to fit. A number of people have had complaints about this. The solution is to do the downsizing or conversion yourself before uploading. They also generate a smaller image to fit the page, if the original is too large, but there is a button to view the full size pic.

I haven't use the Pentax software at all. For RAW conversion, I use Rawshooter, and for any further editing, Ulead Photoimpact. I should update Photoimpact to the newer version, as it can convert RAW and works with 16bit color better than the version I use.

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MichelleBuerre wrote:
Does anyone use the software that comes with the camera?
Yes. PPL is a relatively quick way to produce JPEGs that allow you to assess what images you want to use/keep/post process. It tends to oversaturate a tad to produce results that appeal to the 'general masses'.

Does anyone find that they get a "battery depleted" message, only to turn the camera off and on again to see that they are still registering as half full? Or is that just a function of bad cheapo batteries?
Yes. The indicator bar can drop down to zero, which on my *istDS is an indication that the batteries are depleted.

However, if left for several minutes, the bar can show half charge allowing still more shots to be taken. This occurs because the batteries reconstitute their charge slightly when left unused.

It is nothing to do with dead cells, cheap batteries or small mAh - it's just the way batteries discharge.

And yes, there will always be one cell that is 'weaker' than the rest but it doesn't mean that it's 'dead'. As long as you can get several hundred shots from a set of 2300mAh or higher, then they are OK.

Honestly, i would like to share some pictures, but i find photobucket decreases the quality and does a funny cropping thing. I normally use Picasa Web Albums to send to my family back home, but the last time i linked to them on a message board, nobody could see them. Any suggestions? Anyone else link from Picasa with no problems?
Resize down to 700 pixels wide with an image size of 250kB to fit within the window of this forum ( at least for screen resolutions of 1024x764 ). Using Bicubic Sharper as the algorithm for the resize will help with keeping the quality reasonable.
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Thank you all for your awesome answers! I SO love this forum.

Just a few notes: yes, the vignetting was happening with the lens kit (the one that came with the camera)

I never really got photolab to work with photobrowser and was wondering what the issue is. So what mtngal said may be the problem.

That said, I am finding photobrowser to be very useful for someone like me. I had downloaded some other programs so that I could easily compare EXIF data of all my shots, but it was right there in front of my face: As you browse, it highlights what settings were changed. Plus for non-raw photos, it has the proper Pentax-related white balance settings, etc.

I should also add that I haven't shot in Raw mode yet. aranoid: I kinda started off slowly, first learning about the automatic program settings - and comparing them, then some of the digital settings and then I experimented with P, Tv, and Av - still haven't gone to M or B yet. And i guess next I should look at Raw and figure out what it is and why i should be using it.

Anyhooo....making note of all the advice, and going to start another thread with a few pics.

(psst, mtngal: SAME thing with my computer - it died last week and I cant run photoshop CS on this dinosaur - it will be a while before we can get a new laptop . )

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