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you take a picture in a particularly bright room and you have darkened corners in the picture?

I have been practicing like mad with my new camera, and am STILL too chick to show you guys So i'm trying to critique my own, LOL. I have taken some pictures of my daughter, with alot of natural light, in a white room, and theres some slight darkening of the corners. I have not used the flash at all, since the exposure and lighting, I think, were really optimal.

ALSO (to make this Pentax related so the thread doesnt get moved away from my little safe haven here :G):

2) Does anyone use the software that comes with the camera?

3) Does anyone find that they get a "battery depleted" message, only to turn the camera off and on again to see that they are still registering as half full? Or is that just a function of bad cheapo batteries?

4) honestly, i would like to share some pictures, but i find photobucket decreases the quality and does a funny cropping thing. I normally use Picasa Web Albums to send to my family back home, but the last time i linked to them on a message board, nobody could see them. Any suggestions? Anyone else link from Picasa with no problems?
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Does the darkening in the corners occurr with a particular lens? There has been some talk of the kit lens showing a vignetting in the wide-angle range.

I do use the Pentax software for working with RAW right now. I haven't found anything I can afford that does as good a job.

Don't be shy. The best way to learn is to post photos for advice.

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The kit lens does a bit of vignetting wide open (dark corners) so that may be your problem. The software that came with the camera is very good but slow to use.

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Michelle, I use the Picasa2 software and I think it's great - the "I'm feeling lucky" sorts out most of my photos. I know what you mean about photobucket. Web albums doesn't seem to have the same problem. Dark corners is known as vignetting and is a weakness of certain lenses. You can get rid of it with software if it bothers you. Post your photos for critical review and there are very knowledgable and helpful people on this forum who will help you. Bob
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Hi Michelle

Tom and Will have Filled you In on the lense issue. I Personally Will Not Touch the Pentax Photo Lab, I just dont like it. I use a Varity of Software, but the Most often used is Photo Shop Elemtns 5 for JPG and Rawshooter ,lightroom Or Silypix For Raw. The jury Is out with Me on My RAW Converter, Not Sure what I Will Ultimately Stick with.
I Dont remember what camera that you Own, But that type Of behavior is seem frequently in the K100D. Not saying it Could not Be Bad elcheapo Batterys, But Many people have just that issue With K100D. Not Sure about any Of the others. I have both the ISTDS and K100D and neither has the problem. Might be Worth getting Some good NIMH Batterys. They Cost between $12-$20 for four. Just Be Sure To get 2500MAH or higher. Unless you Get the the new Sanyo Enloop batterys, these are 2100MAH i believe. "Robar" (Roy)can Be a good Source of info for these

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hi Michelle

i have the k100d too. and the battery thing happens to me too but i just turn it off/on again. and i usually get good use out of the battery's anyway. i just have cheapos recharable ones and they usually last a good week of regular use.

HIHI!!! i too am too chicken to show my photos and i did get some really beautiful ones.

i used photo lab but my computer does not like it . it keep freezing so now i use my old version of element and silkypix ( the free one for now) and getting along fine with both .
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I use Photobucket for my own image hosting, but I resize the images myself before posting. Photobucket will automatically size down images that don't fit within it's requirements and I'm sure it doesn't do as good a job as most image editing programs can.
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MichelleBuerre wrote:
3) Does anyone find that they get a "battery depleted" message, only to turn the camera off and on again to see that they are still registering as half full? Or is that just a function of bad cheapo batteries?
The battery life indicator on my K100d seems to bounce around a bit. I have noticed that it might show empty if I have the onboard flash up, and then switch to half when I close the flash. Even without the flash it might show empty and then switch back to half full several times. I don't generally run the batteries all the way dry, so I have not noticed if turning the camera on and off again would "restore" them once depleted.

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I must say I haven't noticed any problems with photobucket.

My albums are here if you choose to look.


I use Flock as an uploader, select a folder of TIFF files and upload.

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Michelle and Julianne - don't be shy to post pictures you have problems with, we won't bite. We'd be happy to give suggestions for how you can improve (and we might not all agree, but that's OK).

Vignetting is supposed to be common with the kit lens. Mine doesn't seem to have much of it, less than my DA 50-200 does (don't know why my 50-200 has more than I've seen on others).

As far as raw converters - at the moment I'm using my hubby's computer (my old one - slow processor and limited RAM) since mine isn't fixed yet (Worst Buy at its usual), and it won't run CS2. I'm now using the Pentax software and Photoshop 6. PhotoLab will hang up if I have the PhotoBrowser open at the same time, so I look at the pictures, then use PhotoLab to convert each one individually. Close PhotoLab and open Photoshop to resize, or manipulate the picture further. I think the problem is the limited RAM and processor speed on this old computer.
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