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Old Mar 2, 2007, 12:52 PM   #1
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Went out late last night, and woke up today to a bright afternoon

Took a quick shower, grabbed my camera backpack and jumoed on my bike to go do some shooting.

some results from today:

Most of them are crops.

the gulls were cooperative today

shot of the day, for me at least

the same male and female ducks.

almost missed this one :roll:...

All with the Vivitar 400mm f5.6

man this lens has some serious CA issues, especially wide open. Had to spend a lot of time correcting it in PS.
But it's fairly sharp and a cheap alternative until I have the budget to get a Bigma.

It felt good having a day like this again. Finally a touch of the upcoming spring. Very nice compared to the depressing winters we have here.

thanks for looking!

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Hey nice birding shots. I like that you are getting in tighter for these shots. I like the shot of the day with the duck extending it's wings. If you look, the head and eyes are very sharply in focus. Nice work. I've never used that lens before, but try stopping down 2 stops from wide openand see if that improves the CA.
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thanks for the advice

Most of them are in f11, because I rarely get the focus right with smaller DOF. But for some reason I can't remember I switched it back to 5.6 for a few shots...

CA improves when stopping down with this lens, but it never goes away.
Probably because there's no multicoating on the lens.
But for 10 euros I don't really mind
It's great to practice with until I can justify getting a Sigma super zoom. The results Roger has posted with the 50-500mm are amazing.


saw another bird just before I left...

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Old Mar 2, 2007, 5:21 PM   #4
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Tom, nice bunch of shots, nr4 is great, had to work today :sad: , Ronny
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They look good to me - if you had CA problems you certainly did an excellent job dealing with them.
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