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Photography is about photographs, and this forum freely shares them, which is a great way to learn how others use the same equipment we all have access to. I personally have little interest in speculation about equipment that Pentax may or may not be producing in the future, I am interested in how we all use the equipment that is already available.

I don't have a Canon of Nikon DSLR, so what they do with their cameras and lenses are of no value to me in learning how to use my Pentax equipment better than I do now.

Life is a continual learning process and this forum is a great place to learn and share with friends.

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This forum as far as dSLR is concerned does have the most picture posting and it is shared with friendliness and enthusiasm that is above what the other dSLR forums seem to provide.

On the other hand the Panasonic forum is by far the most active of all forums and many of them (Pana users)have upgraded to a Pentax dSLR.

Most of the posting of pictures are made in the specific forums of landscape, wildlife, sports and action and so on. It is good to get the point of view from other members no matter what camera was used to take the picture.

My experience is actually the opposite when posting here versus the other forums, so it is just a matter of what works best for you as in camera and lens choice and also what subject matter you are more inclined to photograph.

I still enjoy using my DS and K100D and have learned alot starting with my Pentax dSLR and remember when this forum was like a ghost town.
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Thanks for taking the time to respond, I understand better now and noticed the lack of photos in the other DSLR forums. I have been lurking around this forum for awhile, but had nothing to add/post. I have just ordered a K100D w/18-55 kit lens and the P-DA 50-200 lens and hopefully will be able to upload some photos soon.
Again, thanks to all who responded
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You will certainly enjoy the camera, and you have made a wise choice with the 2 kit lenses. I got them with my DL2.

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Nick, and everyone else, this really is just a fun place to "hang out." What is really neat is its not just about the equipment.It seems to me its more about the pictures and the people who take them. Its nice we all have Pentax in common, but that really is secondary to the interaction and the photography.

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looking forward to you joining in with the photo sharing too

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Most people only post their BEST shots on internet Forums, it just happens that PENTAX cameras take Awesome photos all the time, so we ALL have BEST shots to post.


We don't judge here because we are sick of being judged in other forums on the camera we choose to use.

So post often and post YOUR pics often as we will not laugh or ridicule because we all started at somepoint and stupidity is to replicate what we did before and expect different results.

If you don't post and get critiqued (+ve judging to improve not ridicule) you won't know what you are doing right or wrong and therefore doomed to repeat it over and over again.

Welcome to the forum.


p.s. Almost forgot the obligatory pic. This boy was a happy little chappy with his tyre on a balmy afternoon here in Dili, Timor Leste.

K10D 28-70mm f/2.8 Sigma EX Lens, shot at 70mm, ISO200, f/2.8 at 1/200sec.

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