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I don't know if anyone has seen this but c|net has reviewed the K10D body only. You can read the review at:


Personally, I find most reviews subjective and really up to the person reading them how you take a given review. The one thing that struck me a strange about this review is that it is Body Only but the complaint about the focus hunting deals with probably more the lens than the body, but it is a body only review.

Their comment about the SR only giving you at best 1 extra stop is something I have been wondering about. I don't find the SR on the K10D to be all that good. I have had far more out of focus shots with it than I ever did my Panasonic FZ20 and FZ30. I would have expected better performance from the K10D in this department since Pentax was marketing as giving you up to 4 stops. But, again I think this is subjective to each person.

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I agree with most of your comments Robert, although I think I get at least 2 stops out of the shake reducton on my K100D. As you said though, this is subjective. It may also differ considerably from person to person.

It's hard to see how anyone coulld do a "body only" review that includes items like Image quality, shake reduction effectiveness, dynamic range and color reproduction. Obviously, you mneed a lens on the camera to evaluate these factors, and just as obviously the lens you chose would affect them. Of course there's also no mention of the methodolgy used to determine the effectiveness of shake reduction.

All-in-all, it would be more accurate to call this a "first-impression" than a review.
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With my 70-300mm on my 10D is very rearely hunts at all, except in very low ligh with smal objects in flat background (like a flying bird agains sky) AND with a 1.4x TC on it.
(making it effective F8 wide open at 300mm that a lot to ask of any AF system.

I find the AF quite satisfactory.... also how you have the AF set can make a big difference in different conditions.

Its infinitely better than the same lens was on my old Rebel.

As to the SR I an pretty steady and could easily pull off 1/4 sec exposures with a wide (28mm) lens sometime a few tries at, it without an SR/IS.

On the 10D I can do that at 200mm usually every time... any blur is subject movement.

I also find the SR actually seems to do a bit better on longer lenses, than short ones for some reason. But at 18-28mm have still gotten decent shots as low as 7/10th sec.... even 1 sec on occasion.

Of course it depends how steady you are to begin with as to how well it is going to do...you are wobbling all over or a shutter jabber, it has a lot more to try and do Likely slamming full speed stop to stop... than just slight movement/really just low freq vibration compensation... which I find quite stellar in those circumstances afore mentioned.

Especially vs the Canon/Nikon alternative.... every Large $$$ per lens IS (usually otherwise fast lenses too... and buying the system over and over.

And the only other internal IS (SONY) did much worse in a number of factors.... Plus it also the totally Propriestary SONY....from battery, memory, just about all they can.... but probably got a good deal bailing out Minolta.... especially vs building 35mm scale Leica lenses.

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I've never been particularly happy with cnet's camera reviews - they aren't exactly designed for photographers, more for the casual person who just wants something electronic. On the one hand they say everything is average, but on the other they say it does so well. I do agree with them that its not a camera for someone who's looking for something better than their p&s but aren't interested in learning about photography.

I've found the SR to be quite effective for me (I'm not the steadiest person any more). I had an FZ30 for about a month and always had problems with camera shake, no matter how I had the IS set on it. Recently I forgot to change the SR to 300 when I switched lenses (had been using a 50mm lens) and there was noticable camera shake on most of the pictures I took before I figured it out, then they were fine. There is a limit to how much it can do, but it sure helps me out and I get far more keepers in lower light/longer focal lengths than I had with the DS.
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And how does a BODY ONLY review ever in anyway be an AF or IS issue???... a factor of lens more than anything (or at least as much) else without a multi lens testing concensus proved fact!!!

And what lens they may have used (one might asume the KIT). but WHO knows???? The writer NEVER says.
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A review is a review - not necessarily definitive & one reviewer's opinion which seldom agrees with everyone.

Shake reduction, IMHO, doesn't mean that all the requirement of holding a camera steady goes out the window to rely solely on the SR system to compensate for camera shake.

Holding the camera steady is still a prime requirement, with or without SR. Holding the camera steady with SR will enable slower shutter to be achieved
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Nope Pentax K10D SR just isn't worth a darn!!!!!
Though when as discussed here you are steady to begin with.... (and this is in a ~20mph gusty wind though leaning on and head even against a post, but still in the wind) does pretty darn well.

Sorry exif is missing ran it through FREE Neat Image to get some noise out....(and therefore a lossy JPG from a JPG orig and then Reduced to 640x480)

But 1600 ISO at a full 1.40 sec f/4.5 18 (27)mm hand held.... focus is on the sky... building focus is much a DOF matter.

Make - PENTAX Corporation
Model - PENTAX K10D
Orientation - Top left
XResolution - 72
YResolution - 72
ResolutionUnit - Inch
Software - K10D Ver 1.10
DateTime - 2007:03:04 21:31:35
ExposureTime - 1/1.4 seconds
FNumber - 4.50
ISOSpeedRatings - 1600
ExifVersion - 0221
DateTimeOriginal - 2007:03:04 21:31:35
DateTimeDigitized - 2007:03:04 21:31:35
ComponentsConfiguration - YCbCr
MeteringMode - Multi-segment
FocalLength - 18.00 mm
ColorSpace - sRGB
ExifImageWidth - 3872
ExifImageHeight - 2592
ExposureMode - Manual
WhiteBalance - Auto
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm - 27 mm
SceneCaptureType - Standard
Contrast - Normal
Saturation - Normal
Sharpness - Hard

Attached Images
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Nope that Pentax K IS/SR just is just worthless :?

OK not the sharpest thing ever.... but hand held effective 630mm FL (35mm format 300mm FL plus 1.4xTC).... even at 250th sec a third under the non IS rule of shutter=FL to have good/decent.

And even with that FL this is a 25% at least crop on top of that. (Plus further reduced to be able to be displayed here in under 250K)

Sorry I didn't do an SR off shot, but would just be one big blur (at 630mm) even as steady as I am.

And again SR/IS is NOT a cure ALL.... it is an aid of greatest help to those who know it ISN'T.... but yes I EASILY get on the order of 3 stop improvement if not the Pentax 4 claimed.... but again depends on how steady you are to begin with and how radically the IS has to react... vs just subtle corrections.

PS for those techies out there Sigma 70-300mm (at 300 and not even the APO ver) plus Tamrom 1.4x TC , and again still a 25% image crop (aka 4x digital mag/zoom) on top of that.
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