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Hi All,

I had a very strange experience with my Windoze computer that took a while for me to figure out.

PSP 9, would crash after modifying an image, and PSPX and PSPXI would hang up terminally when loading. Since these are my main PP programs, I was in deep pooh to say the least, and it took a while before I realized what I'd done.

I also have CS2, and had downloaded ACR 3.7 to play with. Instead of installing plugins into seperate folders for each of the four programs, I've gotten lazy and just dump them all into a single folder, then tell the different programs to look there -- seemed like the efficient thing to do. The presence of the ACR 3.7 folder in my plugin folder caused the three PSP programs to crash. I'd tried repairing all the programs, and even uninstalling and reinstalling X and XI before I thought to just delete ACR and place it int the CS2 plugin folder.

Now everything is alright, but I had to redo all the mods that I had made to the PSP toolbars and such -- a pain, but it could have been worse.

As I said, may not apply to most, but if it saves someone a major headache -- then it was worth the time documenting this

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Don't you just hate computers - at times they appear to have a mind of their own. Glad to see that you finally got it 'sussed'.

I also have CS2 installed with the ACR plug in with CS3 beta and PSP v7.

I only use PSPas a screen capture - there are probably easier ways to do it but I tend to stick with what I know -I've tended to steer clear on PSP updates as they put things in inaccessible places and having gotten used to CS2, which is a much better anyway, I use that to post process my images.
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