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...I am worried about the battery issues. Is the Eneloop battery "really" that good? I don't want to buy a camera where the battery drains out if the camera sits unused for a week or two. (This question could be under the battery catagory, but my question is specific to this camera.)

I've looked at so many DSLR cameras both in the store and on the net that my head is ready to explode!!! I keep coming back to the K100d, but I'm afraid of battery issues.

Please give me your opinions
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Well, there other alternatives to the Eneloops. I have a set of (non-rechargeable) CRV3's that have lasted almost 1000 shots so far. I am simply amazed at these batteries. I have a set of Eneloops, purchased shortly after the CRV3's (in December) and have yet to even open the package! The CRV3's are $20 so that could be cost prohibitive if your shooting dozens of pictures everyday, but if you're like me, someone who shoots pics probably a couple times a week, then $20 every three-four months (maybe longer, the CRV3's still show a full charge!!!) then you should be fine. I think the K100 battery issue is way overblown, but, again, I have not really tried the rechargeables yet...

P.S. I love my K100! The more I use it, the more I think its the best "bang for the buck" camera out there!
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Depending on your use patterns the Eneloops can be better or worse....

Yes sitting life is better, but they are 700mah less capacity than current standard NiMH, so if when you do, you shoot a lot or take a lot of flash... they might not perform as well.

Have you considered just mutiple sets, one in camera and one in charger (assuming it is one that shifts to trickle/float charge).

Then if its been a while either just swap the batteries before going out or take the second set with you.

Personally I use my camera almost every day... so shelf life isn't really an issue.

And I have the 10D which has a L-ion batery (Sort of surprised they went AA on the 100D), but I do use NiMH AA in my flash, where power capacity is important.... that extra 700mah capacity of standard NiMH makes a difference.

I just carry an extra set.... and actually change them when flash cycle time goes from fresh 3 sec to 5 or 6 sec. (coud get to 10+ sec before exhasted, but that is sometimes inconveniently long between shots or at power up)

CRV3's are an alternate and even though last well are fairly expensive unless you only use your camera casually just now and then.
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I have to be honest here; I really don't understand why anyone has battery issues with the K100D. I know some people have (because I've read about it on this forum) but I don't see why. When I ordered my K100D, before it arrived I went to Wal-Mart and spent around $15 on an 8-pack of Duracell rechargeables.That gives me a set in the camera and a spare set. I think they are 2,400 mah. Anyhow, they have worked flawlessly. I have gotten well over 600 shots per charge and the spare set doesn't seem to loose power even when they've been sitting for weeks. Heck, even if they only last a year or so, it's money well spent. I will replace them with the exact same thing when the time comes.
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Yeah I never did on my old Fuji 7000 either... though besides self discharge the camera itself is draining a bit of power all the time to keep the clock and preset memory live.

Again like now used it almost every day.... so always carried and extra set in back pocket. Not a lot of weight or bulk... and usually second of third day before them actually needed. (depending on shooting, showing shots, and flash)

I think it is mostly the infrequent/casual K100D users that are really noticing the inconvenience.

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i've been using a set of rayovac hybrids for over a month with over 700 shots gotten from them straight from the package. fantastic batteries. my experience with NmH is they take and keep a charge well when new but after 6 months or so of use tend to lose there charge rather rapidly. i've got about 30 of them and if they have set for more than 3 days i top them off before using them. i don't know if the hybrids like eneloop or rayovac will have this problem. i do know the battery meter on my DS has shown an empty battery for the last 50 shots and these hybrids just keep on shooting.

oh, the rayovacs are about half the price of the eneloops.

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I have K100D since the end of July and the only problem I had was with some 2 years old NiMh 2000mAh batteries which won't hold. Otherwise, I use Sony 2300mAh, Duracell 2650mAh and Eneloop 2100mAh and get really good battery life from them.

These days, I use the Duracell in the FGZ 540 flash and Eneloops with the camera. The Eneloops are 2-3 months old and they work wonders. I heard good stuff about Rayovac Hybrids which are sold by Walmart.

As long as you get some new high capacity NiMh AAs you should be fine (2500mAh and up).

I love AA: use them in K100D, external flash and Canon P&S. When traveling I take a rapid charger and quite a number of them with me.
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I don't mind the batteries - I have 4 sets of Sanyo 2500 batteries and two chargers that I bought at Costco - they've been very reliable and seem to last for several weeks (wanted the extra two sets because I used to use a DS and the K100, so an extra set for each camera). But not all rechargeable batteries are created equal - I had a set of Duracell 2500 thatI bought at Best Buy that wouldn't hold a charge half as well as the Sanyos.
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i use energizer lithium e2 batteries and they just go on and on and on and on............................................
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The powerex is what I run and the batteries last for a LONG time. I probably took 1000 pictures, 1/2 with flash, and my battery is just NOW on the 50% mark, according to the battery meter on the camera. I let the camera sit for week or two without using it and no change in battery performance.

I am very happy with them.
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