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I just noticed that there's a dead pixel on all my recent photos. It just started appearing on them about a week ago. There's one pixel in the upper right portion that always comes out green, though it's usually only apparent at higher sensitivies.

I'm primarily shooting RAW and process my images using CS2, and I've noticed that ACR automatically removes the dead pixel when processing, which might explain why I didn't notice it right away. I can see it clearly in Picasa when I zoom in, and I can see it briefly in ACR before it starts processing. Since it won't tend to end up in any final images output for print or the web, I could probably just ignore the problem.

Of course, I'd rather there not be a problem at all. It can be a bit of a pain if I have to shoot JPGs and then need to clone it out each time, and I do most of my viewing in Picasa and would prefer to not see it there.

I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble of sending it back. It should be covered by the warranty assuming they don't claim the problem is due to misuse. I'd just have to pay for shipping it to the repair center. And, of course I'd have to wait for repairs. They're saying it would be 4-6 weeks.

I'm also wondering if there are other risks I might be taking by sending it back, like the chances of something happening in shipping, the possibility that they won't find the problem and will send it back unrepaired, or that they may repair the camera and send it back with a worse problem.

If anyone has some advice or has already gone through this kind of issue already, I'd appreciate whatever help you can offer.

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if it's in warranty-- you're decision.
if not, then i would not worry about it.
i may have the same problem. i've never looked.

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How long have you had it? If it's not too long, you might try checking with the store you bought it from first. They might be willing to exchange it. I got my K100D from beach camera and it had a dirty sensor which an air puffer didn't fix. They exchanged it for a new one without a problem and I was only without my camera for 4 days.
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Hi Corpsy,

I'm with Roy -- don't even look for dead or hot pixels -- they are a fact of life with digital photography, and you're going to get them eventually with any camera -- it's really just a matter of time.

Pentax probably has a policy for replacement, and I'm guessing it's more than one dead/hot pixel (probabaly more like 7 or 10), so I'd contact them before expecting them to correct the problem under warranty.

Of course, YMMV, and some people are more prone to obsess about any imperfection (my personal view is that when I can claimnear perfection as a photographer, I'll demand the same from my camera -- not likely in the forseeable future:roll -- it really depends on how you feel about it. There is no right or wrong answer here.

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I didn't think to try contacting Beach Camera which is where I got mine as well. I bought the camera in December so I doubt they'd want to exchange it as I've already taken a few thousand shots with it.

I'm tempted to send it in, and after contacting them over the phone they confirmed that it's covered by my warranty, but I'm concerned that doing so is just a roll of the dice that might end worse than not sending it in. If everything went well and they sent me back the camera with a new sensor that had no dead pixels, it could turn out to eventually have more than the current sensor would. Perhaps it would make sense to wait and see if it gets worse before doing anything.

I really have no idea just how common an issue it is, and I don't know if it's any kind of indicator to have one appear this soon. None of the photos I took past 6 days ago have the problem. I've had a couple cameras that never had the problem and at work I completely wore out a Canon Digital Rebel that never had any.
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Maybe sorry, but lkely they will tell you ONE of 10MP (ooops 100D 6MP) dead...just nature of the beast. (Well I would expect that of C/N... Pentax MIGHT have marketing word of mouth in mind)

Same with HD TV's.... perfection goes just so far.

And like you said your processing software EASILY deals with it to the point of you not even really noticing.

Actually on my K10D have acidentally taken cap on high ISO shots, and actualy critically looked at them.... glad to say no dead beats/hot heads here.

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I might have been just a stuck pixel. That would happen at anytime. If it was a long exposure, Then it would show any imperfections.

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Hayward wrote:
Actually on my K10D have acidentally taken cap on high ISO shots, and actualy critically looked at them.... glad to say no dead beats/hot heads here.
Just out of curiosity... How do you accidently take shots with the lens cap on?
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