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I have focus problem roughly 30% at the wideangle (I had D50 and 18-200 VR and Inever had this kind of problem).

I always use center focusing AF.

Is it normal behavior for wideanglelenses, K10D or Sigma 17-70mm?

How can I sure for correct focusing (should Imake zoom tocheck the focusing point is correct) ?

Maybe Imiss athing :?

Thanks in advance...

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Is the AF focusing where you want it to???? Overlay red blip is the default unless you turn it off.

Have you tried just center??? You have severeal second (by default) to reframe and shoot after that in most modes. (you can also AE lock)

Low light center focus (assuming that is where main subject is) is the best bet.

And on the 10D you have the pre set multi point, center and select at the twist (press) of one knob.
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Do you have the problem consistently, and with other lenses (problem then is camera, there have been reports of problems with some K10 cameras). Or is the problem occasional (you mentioned 30% - is that time?), and other lenses work right? In which case I would think it were a problem with the lens. I don't have any Sigma lenses, so can't really help. Also, have you updated the firmware? My camera is different now - seems like it meters differently. I haven't been using AF much recently so don't know if it made any difference with focusing.
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First of all, thank you very much for your time...

At the wideangle, contrast of theobject makes easier the correct focusing regardless of the light (even in daylight) butI can not decide all the time about the contrast level of target object, some of the photosare focused to different points instead of center in daylight (in center AF mode) like a building at the side.

I am trying on specific object and noticed that focus faults are consistent when I targeted specific point.

When I aimed little bit down, focus is correct but if I go just little bit up, it makes misfocusing all the time,Maybe K10Dis extremely sensitive to focus.

Bad thing is that K10D alwaysgives focus beep evenif it's not focusing correctly at the wideangle.

I have no other lenses, I can not decide lens or K10D or me. I'll try another lens and try different things that you have mentioned.

Existing version1.11 (I had to keep 1.10)

Best regards,


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i have a DL and sigma 17-70 and focusing at wide angles is tricky. i noticed that on the same scene, one shot can be in focus, and the next, out of focus.

my guess is that you'll have to get a feel of where the sensor is acutally 'pointing', at least that's what i had to do with my DL.

at wide angles, i would point the center image circle a little above the object i wanted to focus on.
just my 2 cents

here's a sample

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Old Mar 16, 2007, 4:06 AM   #6
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Hello Opiecat,

Thanks for the link that just indicatesthe problem (wideangle and wideopen).

The point is how will I trust the focusing with this lens.

Solution : At the wideangle, I shouldtake more shotswith focusingto slightly different points.

I believe that, K10D focusing point is another issue. I'llread articlesregarding this lens with another bodies.
Thank you very much again for the information,

Kind regards,


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