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I had heard these things were being installed, but I didn't notice them until about a week ago. I took some pictures then and some a few days ago and thought some of you might find these interesting.

Here's a view over the still frozen Lake Erie, with the Buffalo skyline to the left further in the distance:

K100D - 135mm Takumar + Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter - stitched panoramic

They haven't been finished yet. The 3rd and 4th from the left still don't have the blades installed. I haven't seen any of these spinning yet.

Here's a closer view of three of them from a different perspective:

K100D - 135mm Takumar + Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter

I didn't see any moving, and maybe it's just the different angle, but it looks like the middle one moved a bit.

This shot from an inland hill gives a decent sense of the scale of these things:

K100D - 135mm Takumar + Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter

Most of these shots ended up looking pretty dull due to the amount of haze in the air. I'm sure I'll get some better shots in the spring.

Here's one from Woodlawn Beach. This will probably make for a good spot to shoot once spring comes around:

K100D - 135mm Takumar + Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter

I haven't gotten around to getting myself a decent telephoto lens yet, hopefully I'll get one by summer, so have been using a 135mm f/2.5 Takumar paired with a Vivitar 2x teleconverter. It's not the best quality lens combo, but it does get the job done.

While I was on the beach, I was buzzed by a Homeland Security Border Patrol helicopter:

As I seemed to be getting decent results manually focusing the lens combo, I tried to get some shots of birds in flight. Though I'm sure it would have been easier and I probably would have gotten better results with a nice autofocus 70-300, I had more success with this than I ever did with my FZ30. TTL viewfinder is definitely the way to go for this stuff.

These were all cropped quite a bit:

This one's interesting. I tracked and focused the bird for a few seconds and then right as I snapped the shot, he ended up directly in front of the sun:

Well, thanks for looking! All comments are welcome.
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Well you certainly you have the BLOW factor.... but ice (lake efect conensation) on widndmillds is far from a good thing.
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there is a stretch of these from abilene to pecos here. there are over 100. they sit on top of bluffs and are quite a sight. i have pix but i'll need to find them.. remember the old westerns? instead of cattle ranches, now they have windmill ranches.

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I really like the last one.

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Here are a couple in the mountains near Freiburg, Germany.

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